Bracketron iTilt Tablet Stand

The iTilt from Bracketron holds many larger tablets and has convenient fold flat and adjustable angle features for a good tablet stand.

Ease of Use, Performance: 16/25
Look & Feel: 22/25
Features 16/25
How much I enjoy 18/25

Total: 72/100

Bracketron iTilt Tablet Stand

The iTilt from Bracketron is a simple adjustable angle stand for the iPad and other large tablets that features a fold flat design along with rubber pads for cushioning. The Bracketron iTilt will fit larger tablets with at least a five inch width for the base width between the two rubber pads on the bottom.

The iTilt is six inches wide and five and a half inches tall and folds flat with a half inch height for convenient storage or transportation. The iTilt is made from plastic with rubber pads and a metal bar for the angle adjustment that snaps into the eight angle grooves.

Tablets need to be of the larger kind like the iPad or the Viewsonic ViewPad as the base where your tablet rests only has two rubber pads that are spaced apart. I found that when using the tablet in its home page view with the tablet in portrait mode you need to have the width of any tablet at least five inches wide.

Rear of iTilt

I have two tablets and an eReader and all three are about 4 to just under five inches wide when using in portrait mode so they are just too narrow in portrait mode. The base could have been easily left as one long groove but with the two pads and a curve through the middle of the groove any tablets less than the two rubber pads spacing will just lean or will fall through.

This is a shame as the stand could easily have been designed for use with a much wider variety of tablets than only the larger ones or only for landscape mode for your tablet. You can use just about any tablet in the wider or landscape mode so that taller edge is laying down but for all tablets the home page of your tablet will be laying down as well.

As far as I know all tablets will not orient their home page other than in portrait mode so having a stand that allows the tablet to be used upright is essential. When using the stand to just set the tablet while doing other work and having the home screen open with its handy clock portrait mode is the only choice we have.

iTilt Folded

A stand that holds the tablets that are less than that critical five inches wide would have been a better design from the start but the Bracketron iTilt is designed for larger tablets like the iPad. I have been using a picture stand from Wal-Mart for my tablets but the stand is only a bent wire one that costs about a dollar.

The wire stand does not have any protection for the tablet so I made a little cloth cover but even this does not work as well as the iTilt that does fold flat. Like some other products I have reviewed it would be nice to see a company take a step back and make their products more for general use and stop concentrating on the iPad.

The iTilt has four rubber pads which protect the surface and keeps the tablet securely on the stand and does also have four rubber pads for the surface your setting the stand and tablet on. The two rubber pads on the metal bar will come into contact with the surface when the stand is in an upright position and the plastic base has the other two pads.

Nextbook on iTilt

While $20 does seem a little steep you can find this tablet stand for less by doing a little bargain hunting, I found it for $14 at If you use in store pick up the iTilt would only cost $10.56 including tax which is not a bad price for a handy stand that is portable as well.

The iTilt makes a convenient stand for both desktop use and on the go with its 1/2 inch thickness when folded flat but it is for larger tablets when used in portrait mode. The iTilt may not be the best, biggest or most rugged stand for your tablet but it does come at a low price and is handy for larger tablets.

Check out the iTilt at Bracketron as well as their other tablet and iPad, laptop and netbook, iPod and MP3 player, smartphone, GPS and satellite radio accessories.

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