Humanscale Element 790 Task Light

The Humanscale Element 790 task light is a great LED light for use at a desk, bedside or anywhere you need a little extra illumination with seven levels of brightness from the single LED lamp.

Ease of Use/Performance: 24/25
Convenience/Storage 24/25
Appearance/Design 24/25
How much I enjoy 23/25

Total: 95/100

Humanscale Element 790 LED Task Light

The Humanscale Element 790 Task Light is an LED illuminated light that has the mounting post or a weight base for use on a desk, table or even bedside. The Element 790 is an adjustable level light with a two arm base that allows easy adjustment of the light for maximum use.

The lamp arms allow a 28 inch reach and maximum height with an 18 inch normal working height, this is the usual height above your work like your book or desktop. You can purchase a United States model or one that works at 240 volts for countries like Europe.

The Element 790 is fully adjustable and you can use the hole type mounting solution, a clamp type or the weighted base that you can specify when ordering. Now comes the bad part of this type of fully featured light, the cost; the model I received comes in at about $440.

Whats in the Box

I do have to go with my gut here and say it, this is an expensive lamp but it does have its features, seven levels of brightness from its 7 watt LED lamp for starters. The lamp has the three joints for getting a wide range of movement and stays where you set it.

The mounting solution I received is a weighted base that has the hole for the mount on one side, the color will match the color you pick for the lamp. The base is plastic with a foam covered bottom and weighs five pounds so the arms and lamp head are secure on your desk or table.

You can also purchase a clamp system for the Element 790 to use for securing the lamp to the edge of furniture or there are some other mounting solutions. There are several mounting devices for various desk systems and office furniture like Herman Miller, AllSteel, Teknion and Haworth.

Element 790 in Use

I simply used the large weighted base, it is 8 inches across and an inch tall at the highest part of the base but another inch for the post hole. The arm for the Element 790 is a two piece unit with a piston type device inside of the base joint and middle joint so the arm stays where you leave it.

The head of the light swivels around the arm by 90 degrees while the head pivots by about 135 degrees so you have a good range of movement when you combine the head joints and arms. The head has the rubber coated switch with an on/off push of the switch and levels using the rocker switch below the rubber cover.

The middle of the switch is the on off while either direction raises and lowers the light level with seven distinct levels. The rubber cover has a bump for easy feel to raise and lower the intensity without having to look at the switch.

Lamp Head

The cord for the whole unit is not a thick 120 volt lamp cord as the unit is powered by 24 volts DC so you have much thinner wires. The lower voltage is nice for the bedside table so you don’t have the same worry about knocking the light off and having a 120 volt lamp catching something on fire.

My wife has a pretty nice bedside lamp but it is hot, it would burn you if you touched the protective glass over the bulb. The Humanscale Element 790 uses that lower voltage so the bulb does not generate near enough heat to burn so the lamp is nice to use for safety.

Between the metal tubes for the main arm pieces, tougher plastic pieces and a ten year warranty I feel the Element 790 would last a good long time. The lamp is easily adjusted and feels strong, stronger than the small and light weight lamp head warrants.

Middle Joint

The lamp shines at about 250 lumens with a bright white 3500 kelvin temperature so the lumination is more of a pure white instead of a yellow like sunlight. This more white color makes reading and working on things like electronics easier because the white light does not change colors of things its shining on like a yellow one would.

The Humanscale Element 790 is a great lamp and I have enjoyed using it for the past couple of months but it is expensive. The lamp is warranted for 10 years which does make a good argument for the price but in the end the consumer would have to decide for himself if it is worth it.

I think if you have an expensive office environment and want to continue the same style with a good looking lamp the price will probably not be a concern. Check out the Element 790 in all its various configurations at the Humanscale website.

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