Grace Digital Audio Eco Extreme Speaker Case

The Grace Digital Audio Eco Extreme All Terrain Speaker Case is a waterproof case for your MP3 player to deliver sound on the go whether you’re camping, at the beach or lounging in the backyard.

Ease of Use, Performance: 20/25
Look & Feel: 24/25
Features 24/25
How much I enjoy 21/25

Total: 89/100

Grace Digital Eco Extreme

The Grace Eco Extreme is a great MP3 player holder and speaker all in one waterproof case that has a volume control knob and battery powered 3 inch speaker system. The case is a four inch by seven inch case with a 2 and one quarter inch depth but you can only fit an MP3 player and maybe one other item inside.

The case includes the speaker and battery compartment inside so only half the case is available for storage but you can fit enough in that area. I have stuffed my Sansa View and a wallet inside and I have heard of others doing the same with an iPhone or other player and extra batteries or a wallet.

The Eco Extreme uses 3 AA batteries to power the speaker so your MP3 player is not drained through the speaker use which is a great part of an external speaker. The speaker itself has slots inside to the center of the case which seems to add bass and you can notice the Eco Extreme does have more bass than other portable speaker systems.

The 3 inch speaker has some kind of waterproof covering under the grill that protects the speaker as I have tried the unit in water to check out how water proof it is. The case has an air pressure relief valve on the front and is fully sealed with a rubber seal and lip system I have seen on other well designed water tight devices.

Whats in the Box

The catches are a bit of a pain but designed to protect against accidental opening using a push button to secure the latches closed. The latches and push button safety catch means you will not accidently open the catch while grabbing the case out of the water when you drop it.

The inside of the case has a stretch band and mess material to hold your MP3 player or cell phone to keep it in the case while opening and closing the case or replacing batteries and is handy for keeping things organized. The short stereo cable is long enough to reach the MP3 player inside and is held in place when not in use inside a channel that surrounds the speaker.

The volume adjustment dial works well and the LED above it ensures you know when it is powered on so you don’t waste batteries accidentally. The three batteries ensure you have plenty of power for a good outing so you don’t just lose your music in the middle of an event.

The carbineer on the top back corner allows you to secure the speaker case while performing vigorous activities like canoeing or kayaking. The carbineer is on a swivel with a plastic loop so you can use it without worry that rapid violent movement will wrench the carbineer off the unit.

Inside the Eco Extreme

You can also remove the carbineer and store it inside the case to keep it handy for later use but out of the way if you don’t want to use it. All the outside design and appearance does not mean anything if the speaker case does not perform and it does very well in the sound department.

The Eco Extreme is a unique case but it also sounds good but not as good as I had hoped, it does have enough bass and does well at high notes and mid-range. The Eco Extreme does not sound as good when cranked up loud as I would have expected for a device marketed as an outdoor speaker system.

When you turn the volume on full the Eco Extreme starts to distort and make the louder sound more distorted and not as clear as the lower volumes. When you turn the volume up from about 3/4 to full volume the speaker distorts music but at 3/4 and lower volume it sounds great.

The Eco Extreme is more of a personal speaker system to be used for a smaller group outdoors than for a full party or larger gathering. The sound is great at mid and lower volume settings and just fine for using around the house as a portable speaker or for use at the beach or other outdoor activity.

Waterproof Speaker Case

The Eco Extreme does well for what it was designed for but when you crank the volume the speaker does distort the music a bit so I am a bit disappointed by performance. Using both the MP3 player volume and the volume on the Eco Extreme you can reach a good middle ground where the speaker sounds great.

I have searched on the internet and found a lot of positive reviews and user comments but the main negative I found was about the lower volume needed for good sound quality. Users commented that the unit does not sound as good as it should at higher volume and a couple commented on the fact that the unit was not as watertight as they found it should have been as well.

As far as water getting inside the Eco Extreme is waterproof but not designed for use under water or for in water to be dunked repeatedly as you would expect. The unit does keep water out and ensure rain or accidental splashes do not get inside and get near your MP3 player.

The Eco Extreme is not designed to be used in water all the time or to be used for a floating speaker to be used extensively in direct contact with water. I found that dunking it in water like my sink or shower did not get any water inside it and am quite sure it will keep water out well enough.

I did dunk and hold the unit under water in my sink and found that for the couple of minutes I kept it there it did keep water out well and kept my Sansa View dry. While the louder volume does distort I found this is a great speaker case for personal use and I also did not find any other water tight cases for this kind of use.

The Grace Digital Audio Eco Extreme is a good waterproof speaker case for your MP3 player and performs well, without many other choices in this design the Eco Extreme is worth a purchase and then some. I highly recommend the Eco Extreme from Grace Digital Audio if you need a waterproof speaker case for playing your tunes from an MP3 player.

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