Drip Depot Premium Feed Drip Irrigation Kit for Dirty Water

Drip Depot sells a wide variety of irrigation, gardening and other home kits for dealing with your garden and all that extra free water falling from the sky.

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Drip Depot Premium Feed Drip Irrigation Kit for Dirty Water

While water that falls may be free you need some way to collect it, store it and get it to where it will do you the most good. Using rain barrels is a great way to collect and store rain water but getting this precious and free commodity to your garden and plants can be a hassle and costly.

I have spent two years now trying to water my garden and get that precious rain barrel system to work how I want but I have failed on my own and needed help. The Drip Depot specializes in all kinds of rain water collection and distribution as well as irrigation using your more common household water from a spigot.

The Gravity Feed Drip Irrigation System for Dirty Water is a low pressure drip irrigation system that includes a filter to get rid of particles and leaves debris. The kit includes 100 feet of both 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch polyethylene tubing, 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch adapters and fittings along with the dirty water filter.

I have four rain barrels that take water from my gutters and are connected together with PVC fittings and rubber connections that end in a common garden hose connection. I needed a way to get this water to my garden plants and a garden hose or a soaker hose just was not working because of low pressure.

Faucet Connection & Filter

I received the Premium Drip Irrigation Kit and unpacked all those parts and thought there was a lot there, I was wrong as I needed even more for my job. One thing I will say right off the bat is the kits available from Drip Depot are a great start to getting an irrigation system set up and they have all the parts separately for more.

You will probably need more than what comes in the kit and for me I needed two kits but mainly I needed to buy more drippers, stakes, tee and elbows. These parts either do not come in the kit, elbows and tees, or are in short supply like the stakes and drippers.

The kit includes connections and adapters to go from your garden hose sized connection to the 100 feet of 1/2 inch tubing that is your main supply line. From this larger tubing you branch out to 1/4 inch and the kit has 100 feet of this to get to each plant.

The main line is made from black polyethylene and can easily take having the smaller barbed connector poked into it and keeping a decently watertight seal. This is how you create your own layout with the Drip Depot Premium kit, simply poke a hole in the larger tubing and insert a connector for the smaller tube to feed to your plant.

Typical Branch for Rows of Plants

Once you have a barbed adapter on the 1/2 inch line you use the 1/4 inch tubing to get to your plant and keep the tubing in place with the Microtube Stabilizer Stakes. You use the kits small shutoff valves called Micro In-Line Shut Off Valve to control the amount of water dripping on each plant.

I preferred to use drippers that are also sold by Drip Depot and you can get ones that have a per hour rate like .5 or one gallon per hour drip rates. I also needed some tees and elbow to branch the tubing to different plants as well as get around tight corners for some plants.

Knowing what I know now and the lower cost you can buy the parts from the Drip Depot compared to buying the parts from a similar manufacturer like Rain Bird I would have bought a bunch more from Drip Depot. I needed a few extra parts and getting a bag of 50 or 100 would have been nicer than buying them ten at a time like Rain Bird sells at Menards.

I bought some other things that I would also have purchased like more 1/2 inch tubing and 1/4 inch tubing along with a 1/4 inch drip line that has holes for dripping. In all knowing what I know now I would buy two of the premium kits, a 1/4 inch drip line, a package of 100 stakes, a package of 50 tees and 50 elbows.

Drip Depot for Planters and Plant Boxes

I really did not need any other parts for the garden I set up and only bought some things to try them out but I know if I need more parts next spring I will be buying them from Drip Depot. Two of the Premium kits and the extra parts are enough adapters, fittings and main parts to set up a garden 60 feet by twelve feet with assorted plants and vegetables along with a setup for a dozen to twenty flower pots as well.

My garden has areas where plants are in neat rows but other areas have oddly spaced plants like tomatoes and peppers as well as whole squares five by ten feet of a mix of plants. The Drip Depot Premium Irrigation Kit contains just about everything you need for any start to a drip irrigation kit but you will probably want to look over your garden and see if tees and elbows or more drippers will be wanted.

The fifty Micro valves are a good start but there are only fifty in the Premium kit and more is portably going to de needed. I prefer the set rate drippers as you can just pop them on and move on to the next plant but it is nice to have a variable rate for larger plants or smaller ones.

The kit does include a punch to poke your holes in the half inch tubing but a Poke-N-Plug tool would also be very helpful for setting up your kit. A tool for pushing the barbed adapters into the 1/2 inch tubing makes the job much easier and the Poke-N-Plug tool looks like it would work very well.

Drip Depot Micro Inline Valve

I bought one form Rain Bird but it did not have the handy side for pushing the 1/4 inch tubing with the barbed adapter on it into the larger 1/2 tubing. I had to alter the Rain Bird tool for this use but the Poke-N-Plug tool has both the pointy end for poking the 1/2 tubing and a holder for the barbed connectors.

Setting up your irrigation system starts at the hose connection and some prior planning which is easier if you start before the garden is growing. I received the kit after my garden was in so setting it up was a bit more difficult than it would be if I did the tubing before plants were growing.

My garden is along my home between my side fence and the house in a roughly twelve foot by 60 foot rectangle with a sidewalk along the house with a smaller width of rock that has a row of planters and planter boxes. I laid out my main line to run straight down the garden along the side of the sidewalk with another main line running from the front of my house to the back for my planters and planter boxes.

I worked from the front of the garden toward the back installing 1/4 inch tubing using both the included parts along with tees and elbows I bought at Menards. I purchased some Rain Bird drippers that I would have purchased from Drip Depot if I did not want to get things setup in a hurry.

Tee and End Connection

I did purchase more elbows and tees along with some other parts for my setup but the main parts I needed were the Premium kit, elbows, tees and drippers. Any more parts I need I will probably purchase from Drip Depot because they are much cheaper and only take a few days for shipping.

Once I had the drippers and valves getting water to each plant I wanted to have a few areas that used a dripper line so I bought some of this as well. The tubing that has holes along it at equal intervals makes a nice way to water plants in areas where they are not evenly spaced like a butterfly and hummingbird garden.

I also used a piece of this tubing in a couple of plant boxes with herbs that are not evenly spaced which is the second rain barrel system I setup. My main rain barrel with the majority of the Drip Depot parts is for my main garden but I also have a line running from the front rain barrels to my row of flower pots and planter boxes alongside my house.

I simply ran the line along the bottom edge of my homes siding and used screws to hold the 1/2 inch tubing to the underneath of the siding. I then have small lengths of 1/4 inch tubing running into each planter and box and a dripper or two to each plant or the drip line for larger groups of plants.

Packing up the Premium hose for the Winter

I will be installing another set of rain barrels with more parts I bought, a new filter and adapter set to get rain water to my front flowers that are my front yard. I do not have a normal grass front yard but removed the grass and replaced it with rock and flowers which also need water.

I used a few other parts to create a drip irrigation system for my indoor plants that are all on a wire shelf in my dining room. I cut a hole in a bucket and glued a fitting into the hole and use a shutoff valve to stop the flow of water to the dozen or so plants on the shelf.

The Drip Depot Premium Irrigation Kit for Dirty Water has enough parts to set up your irrigation system from a rain barrel or other low pressure source. I would figure on buying another twenty dollars in parts like drippers and tees or another kit if you have a bigger garden.

Winter is just around the corner and I wanted to add a few things to this review from my personal experience with working with the Drip Depot kit. To shut down the irrigation system for the winter you can just drain the system and ensure water does not get into it during the winter.

I plan to unstake everything and store all the tubing in my garage in a tub where it will be ready for next year’s setup in the spring. The tubing needs to be drained and disconnected at a minimum in order to not have water in the line expand and split your tubing when it freezes.

Order now and skip the rush in the spring, if you are thinking about ordering next spring I would map out your garden and buy what you need now. Waiting for spring would mean the rush of others ordering their kits along with having to wait for your parts to arrive by the shipper.

If you plan out your garden now and get all the parts you will need now you can have everything ready, just store in your handy storage tub and next spring you will be ready.  Next year I will start with adding mulching and turning the soil and then lay out the hoses and everything on the empty dirt and plant plants at each dripper or valve.

I will have little planning to worry about as my spring planting nears and will only have to setup my rain barrels and irrigation system using the Drip Depot Kit. I highly recommend the Premium Gravity Feed Drip Irrigation Kit as a fantastic starter kit for your irrigation system to get water from your rain barrels to your plants.

I also recommend buying your spare parts from Drip Depot as they are much less expensive than purchasing parts from a local store like Menards or Home Depot.

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