Chaheati All-Season Heated Chair

Chaheati is a folding camping and outdoor chair with a secret, the seat of the chair has a heating element imbedded in the Denier material for a gentle warming to your favorite outdoor events.

Ease of Use/Performance: 22/25
Convenience/Storage 24/25
Appearance/Design 23/25
How much I enjoy 23/25 

Total: 92/100

Chaheati All-Season Heated Chair

The Chaheati chair is a folding outdoor chair for those events like camping, fishing, sporting games or for simple relaxing in the backyard. The Chaheati has a little secret imbedded in the seat of the chair, a heating element that connects to a battery unit with Lithium Ion batteries.

The Chaheati chair comes with the chair, a convenient carry pouch, the heating unit battery pack and a charger for the battery pack. The lithium ion battery powered heating system has a digital protection circuit along with the ultra-thin heating element that is inside the seat and up the back of the chair.

You can feel the elements inside the chair between layers of the waterproof Denier fabric that the seat is made out of but they are not your typical heating coil type elements like those inside a toaster. Blankets and other fabric items now come with better elements that can be imbedded inside fabric and withstand the bending and folding of the fabric like when you fold up the chair.

Battery Pack Pouch

The battery pack has four heat settings using the on off button of the unit to change the settings and to turn off the unit when you are done using it. The settings are from low or about 100 degrees Fahrenheit up to maximum of about 143 degrees Fahrenheit.

The chair only takes about 10 to 20 seconds to heat up and makes a great way to keep the chill off when outdoors but does not get really hot or uncomfortable. If you only want a lower heat setting you can simply change it on the control unit that hangs in the small pocket on the chair.

The chair has a power cord hanging out of the bottom on the right side through a brass grommet for protection of the wire that connects to the power pack. The power pack is removable for charging or for when you want to use the chair without it like in the summer.

Battery Control Pack

The small pouch with a clear plastic window allows you to set the control and power pack inside to hang from the chair on your right side for easy adjustment and control while sitting. I checked out the heating elements output using a simple electric thermometer and was getting about the right temperatures depending on where I pointed the sensor.

The Chaheati chair will not melt a circle of snow under it while sitting out in a typical Minnesota snow storm but it will gently warm your backside. You can start warming your seat in less time than it will take those Boy Scouts to get their fire to a comfortable roar.

It only takes about a half minute for the chair to get noticeably warm and even at the highest setting it does get warm quickly. I used the seat this spring during some unseasonably cold spells and even during a storm that was very late even for Minnesota.

Chaheati In Its Element

We had some cold spells recently with temperatures down to the low 40’s so I had plenty of opportunity to check out the chair in some lower temperatures. The seat gets comfortably warm without getting hot so it does make a nice chair to use for camping and outdoors.

The Chaheati chair worked just fine and is a much more durable design than some of the cheaper chairs of this type I have seen, the rivets are solid and the fabric has the reinforced stitching. The chair looks good, I received the camouflage design and for those outdoor events it does fit in well but also folds up and has the cup holder on the left arm rest.

The Chaheati may be a little gimmicky as far as the heating element but it does work well for a little extra warmth when your outside and need it. I highly recommend the Chaheati chair if you want a simple and durable chair that will warm up when you need it the most.

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