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Quirky Shower Station & Bobble Brush

Quirky is a website that helps make inventor ideas become products that you can buy and I get to try out two products that make your bathroom an orderly place.

Quirky Shower Station & Bobble Brush

Quirky is a unique website that helps inventors get their ideas on the store shelves for people to buy but you can also buy products from their internet site as well. Quirky sells in conjunction with retailers including Bed, Bath & Beyond, Toys”R”Us Target, OfficeMax, The Container Store, Ace Hardware, Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, Frontgate, Safeway and Micro Center.

If you have an invention idea you can simply upload your idea to the Quirky website and along with drawings show people the invention and what it can do so they can comment. When an idea is picked by the community the idea becomes a product through development and manufacturing that Quirky helps inventors with.

Two products that I am receiving for review are the Shower Station and the Bobble Brush which Quirky is also helping the inventors to market through individual websites like mine. The Shower Station is a shower storage solution that helps keep your shower organized while the Bobble Brush is a tooth brush holder.

The Shower Station was invented by Joshua Wright and helps to keep all your shower and grooming products in your shower organized and ready for use. The Shower Station is a rack that holds four detachable shelves that lock into place on the frame and hangs on your shower head pipe.

Shower Station

The frame is made of stainless steel and aluminum along with a few plastic and silicone rubber parts which is all an important design feature as the Shower Station. The shower is a damp place and the Shower Station combats corrosion by being made of metals that will not rust in that wet environment.

The frame has the top and bottom bent so that the shelves are held away from the wall while the top and bottom rest against the wall. The frame is held onto your shower head pipe with a plastic hook so the frame hangs right in front of you while you take your shower.

The design of the Shower Station is a simple frame for the four shelves that attach to the frame with a lockable and rotating clamp so the shelves adjust in height. You can also position them either inside the frame or on the outside but this will depend on what you put on the shelves.

I found if you put a larger shampoo or other products on a shelf it may tip the shelf a bit to one side but you can combat this using the suction cups on the bottom of the frame. There are four suction cups on a bottom location that also has two hooks to hang things like a wash cloth, back brush or bath scrunchies.

Quirky Shower Station in my Shower

The four suction cups work well on smooth walled showers but like my shower with its bumpy wall does not allow the suction cups to hold on. To combat this I simply balance out the bottles of shampoo, conditioner and commonly used shower products and use three of the shelves swung inside.

The frame hangs on your shower head using the included hook that is made out of plastic but the size may be a problem if you have large shower pipes. You can simply buy an S hook that will fit onto your shower pipe and bend it to fit the frame of the Shower Station but most pipes in showers are the common size that the frame is designed for.

The adjustable shells have a hole in the bottom of each along with a silicone insert for holding toothbrushes or razors on the shelf. Each shelf also has two loops that can each hold a razor for handy access to a common shower toiletry item.

The shelves also have the hole that allows you to store a bottle upside down for easy dispensing for some bottled items that fit into the hole. This dispensing hole allows some bottles and body soaps to be dispensed simply by flipping open the cap on the bottle and squeezing without having to hold the bottle.

The Shower Station in my bathroom works extremely well even though it does not hold with the suction cups against my bumpy shower wall but I simply balance the items and shelves. The Shower Station is made from aluminum and the shelves are stainless steel so the frame and shelves will not rust at all.

I have had the Shower Station in my bathroom for more than two months and it shows no sign of rust or even mold or mildew. I am very happy with the Shower Station and the price is right for this long wearing product that will be a lasting one in your shower.

Bobble Brush

The Bobble Brush is a toothbrush holder that sits on your bathroom shelf or sink to hold your toothbrush invented by Spencer Sloan. The Bobble Brush is a toothbrush holder that will appeal more toward kids than adults but it also makes for a clean looking holder.

The Bobble Brush looks like one of those Weebles from days gone by but with a twist, the top of the Bobble Brush twists off to reveal a cup that is easy to wash out. The Bobble Brush helps to hide a problem with toothbrush holders that drip water after use so the bottom of the holder collects this water and it eventually gets rank.

Cleaning out the Bobble Brush is as easy as twisting off the top and rinsing it out every so often like when you normally clean your bathroom. The inside is plastic with the top of the Bobble Brush being plastic with a rubber friction fitted slot on the top.

The bottom is a rubberized covered metal weight to keep the Bobble Brush from sliding around your sink or shelf and will not fall over. The rounded bottom and weight makes sure the Bobble Brush stays upright but it does tilt a bit depending on your toothbrush.

The Bobble Brush holds common and regular sized toothbrushes but not electric or large handled toothbrushes so it works well for regular toothbrushes. The main use of the Bobble Brush is a toothbrush holder but you can also use it on a desk or table to hold pens or pencils.

Bobble Brush in Use

I have a mechanical pencil that is my main writing instrument for my work and it always sits on my desk in front of me instead of in a pencil holder with all my pens, pencils erasers and markers. My mechanical pencil now has a new home so I can easily find it and I think it will also have a companion eraser holder so I can easily find the two writing instruments I use most often.

The Bobble Brush makes a great toothbrush holder that is easy to clean and makes a neat and orderly holder for toothbrushes on sinks or shelves. In my bathroom shelf space and sink space is limited so the Bobble Brush will now have a home on my desk.

If you need a toothbrush holder for your sink or shelf the Bobble Brush works extremely well and is a cleaner looking holder than those dirty cups. I highly recommend the Bobble Brush for a clean and fun toothbrush holder, the Shower Station also comes highly recommended as a fantastic shower organizer.

The Bobble Brush comes in pink, blue and grey that costs about $13 and is available from the Quirky website as well as Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond and Barnes & Noble. The Shower Station costs about $70 and is available from the Quirky website and Barnes & Noble as well as Sharper Image.

Shower Station Website

Bobble Brush Website