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Aluminyze is a process where you can take your favorite photos and immortalize them onto a plate of aluminum simply by uploading your photo and editing how you want it placed along with your choice of background and finish.

Ease of Use, Performance: 24/25
Look & Feel: 25/25
Features 23/25
How much I enjoy 25/25

Total: 97/100


Aluminyze is a new website where you can have your favorite image, family photo or special picture aluminized for the low price of $25 per picture. Aluminyze will take the image you pick and print it on an aluminum plate starting with the 8 by 10 size at $24.95 and going up from there for larger sizes.

The company will Aluminyze an 8 x 10 for $24.95, an 11 x 14 for $44.95 and a 16 x 20 for $79.95 but they also have a heart shape at 11 inches for $49.95 and a 16 inch at $79.95. The company does a great job at embedding your image on aluminum and the site is extremely easy to use; just load your image, crop, rotate and select your finish and the company will create your long lasting picture.

The Aluminyze pictures come on a white or silver surface for a more vivid color with the white background or a new unique look with the silver backing. The picture can be a gloss finish or matte for finish choices and you can choose a pedestal or adhesive backed easel/hang up stand.

Aluminyze Website

The matte and gloss are traditional photographic coatings over your image while the stands give you a choice of hanging the picture or setting it on a table or dresser with the easel. The pedestal stand is a simple rectangle of acrylic slotted to fit the picture for use on a table or desk exclusively.

I chose to have one of my wife’s picture, a flower, for the Aluminyze process and it only took a few minutes to have the picture uploaded and ready for the company to do their stuff. I did crop my picture and edited it on Photoshop to make sure it was the correct proportional size as well as how I wanted it to look.

The company’s editor is very basic with only crop and rotate options along with your choice of printing surface and gloss or matte finish. The silver or white backing is an interesting choice and a unique way to print your photos and makes a large difference depending on your background choice.

Back of Aluminyze

The white is your traditional way to print while the silver backing will add some interesting effect having a silver base under the printed picture of your choice. Aluminyze is a unique way to order pictures and the aluminum plate they print on is a thin sheet of aluminum, I’m not sure what gauge it is but it is not easily bent.

The aluminum makes the photo light weight and easy to hang on a wall or place just about anywhere with the easel stand which is easy to install. I received the Aluminyzed image about a week after I ordered it and it is great, a nice image that is not just a simple printing on an aluminum plate.

The image is printed using some sort of special process that does not simply print the image but uses some sort of proprietary process to embed the image on the aluminum. The image is bright and colors are vibrant in a way that simple printing on paper cannot duplicate, the same image on premium photo paper does not have the same quality.

Aluminyze on Left

When you compare a printed picture to the Aluminyzed one the colors are more vibrant and brilliant but not in a washed out way that increasing brightness in an editor will do. My wife could quickly see the difference and was very impressed with the Aluminyzed picture commenting on the vibrancy of the colors.

Check out the Aluminyze website and see what they can do with your images, the process is fast and the finished picture makes a great gift for anyone.

Aluminyze Website