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Solio Clip Mini & Classic 2 Solar Charger

The Solio Clip Mini is a solar powered light with USB charging capability while the Solio Classic 2 is the newest version of the classic Solio USB charger for handheld devices like smartphones and GPS units.
Ease of Use, Performance:  4/5
Look & Feel:  4/5
Features:  3/5
How much I enjoy: 4/5

Total:  3.5/5 Stars

Solio Clip Mini & Classic 2 Solar Charger

When you need something charged and civilization is miles away the sun can be your last resort, the Solio Classic 2 is perfect for handheld device charging when a power outlet is not available. While you’re out in the wild a handy accompaniment to the Solio Classic 2 charger is the Mini Clip LED light that can be charged with its built in solar panel or from a USB connection.

The Solio Clip is a simple LED light with four LEDs and a flip red plastic lens cover to change the lights to a red hue for lower light needs like a flashing bike safety light while on the trail. The Solio Clip Mini charges using the solar panel in 5 to 7 hours maximum or using a USB connection from an outlet or other USB source like a computer in just an hour.

The Solio Clip Mini makes a great camping and outdoor light but is also quite handy around the home and frees up an outlet or USB connection by simply charging wherever you have some handy sunlight. The Clip Mini comes with a micro USB to USB cable for charging but be warned that this device is not able to charge others; the Clip Mini is solely a flashlight or safety light.

Solio Clip Mini

The Clip Mini has five modes of lighting with 10%, 50%, 100%, flashing and SOS flashing with each one also being used with the diffuser that flips into position and snaps in place over the LEDs. The SOS signal is helpful in an emergency and the flashing can be used for signaling and as a safety light if you’re involved in an accident or for biking so others can see you.

The Clip Mini has a large carabiner shape on the top with a metal clip for convenient attachment to a backpack or even a belt loop on your pants. The Clip Mini makes a great all around flashlight around the home and out on the road with its dual charging and long lasting battery.

One thing I have had a problem with around the home is misplacing my flashlights when they are the smaller kind so the carabiner is handy to hang the light where you can get at it. Keeping the light handy by hanging it where you need it or can find it is handy and the light also is watertight with a rubber plug for the USB connection.

Solio Clip Min @ 100 Percent

The Clip Mini makes a great household flashlight or a fantastic trail light that has the convenience of solar charging but it does not charge your handheld devices. Solio also has the Classic 2 solar charger for keeping those handheld devices charged when outlet or electricity in general is not nearby.

The Classic 2 solar charger is great for things like smartphones and MP 3 players or for those on the road gadgets like GPS units but the Classic 2 might not have enough power to charge larger devices like tablets. I have tried charging my Next5 tablet and the Solio charger does not have enough power to charge larger devices with 5 volts at 1 amp for its discharge rate.

Most batteries for tablets need a bit more amperage to charge your tablet, this will vary depending on your device but for smaller devices like GPS units, MP3 players and smartphones you should be good to go. I have used the Solio Classic 2 to charge my own cellphone, a couple of GPS units and my Sansa View MP3 player without problems.

Solio Classic 2

The Solio Classic 2 does a great job of charging your devices and the three panel design means the most power from the sun to charge your devices but the petal design allows for compact packing. The three panel design that slides down into a smaller size fits well into pack pockets and the solar charger weighs 10.1 ounces.

The Classic 2 charger works well but it does take about a full day of decent sunlight to charge the internal battery fully
using the solar panels and about six hours using the USB connection. The Classic 2 is a great portable charger using the solar panels or as a portable battery to charge devices on the go.

Both the Clip Mini and the Classic 2 from Solio make great solar devices and a fantastic way to charge your devices and keep you out of the dark at home or away. I highly recommend the Solio Clip Mini as a great solar powered light and the Classic 2 as a fantastic portable charger and battery.

Charging my MP3 Player

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