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Native Union Play Video Memo

Digital sticky note, to-do-list gadget or fridge magnet video recorder would all be correct quick descriptions of the Native Union Play Memo device that records messages easily and quickly using a small camera on board the fridge magnet device.

Ease of Use, Performance: 21/25
Look & Feel: 24/25
Features 20/25
How much I enjoy 20/25

Total: 85/100

Native Union Play Video Memo

The Native Union Play is a video recorder that also plays video you record to leave messages or short memos to you or your family conveniently in a single package. The Play memo device is just like a camera without all the controls so you can easily record messages and play them back later.

The device uses a speech bubble shape that is designed by Fabien Nauroy that has a few simple controls and a 2.4 inch display to view the messages. The Play has a small speaker with a slot on the bottom and uses three AAA batteries for power that installs in the back.

Whats in the Box

The Play comes in a wide variety of colors and has a decent quality video for playback, about what you would expect for a small camcorder device. The screen is 2.4 inches diagonal and has a 320 by 240 pixel screen resolution that is in color and has a blinking light to show a message has been recorded.

The device is simple to use, just press any button for a second to wake it up and press the play button to play any messages while you simply press the record button to record something. The Play can record up to 3 minutes of messages and you can skip to each new message using the play button while the record button is used to start the record mode and to start recording.

Battery Compartment

Setting up the date and time is easy and you can simply delete messages as easily as any other settings with the three buttons on the front. The back of the Play includes magnets to attach the device to a fridge or other metallic surface but the Play also includes a small square of painted metal with a sticky tape back to attach anywhere you would like.

The device also has a strap so you can dangle to device from a convenient doorknob or hook to leave someone a message without using the magnetic backing. The Play is a really convenient recording device but is a bit limited in record time and does cost a lot.

Each message is limited to a 3 minute time so you have to limit yourself for each message, you also get a 3 second count down before the device starts recording. The quality of the recording is about equal to an inexpensive camcorder but you don’t have any adjustments or zoom capabilities like a camcorder has.

Video on Native Union Play

The Native Union Play has a three hour play or record time, can last about 45 days in standby mode and goes to sleep after 12 seconds of inactivity. The play or record time is the battery life while the device only has a three minute storage space internally on its 256 megabyte SDRAM memory.

When recording you get a bar on the top that shows the recording time used and a second count on the side shows how much time is left exactly. You also have a battery indicator in the upper right corner with a very good battery life for this device due to the limited features.

The Play is a unique and different memo device but the cost may be a bit over the top for some, the Play costs about $60 from the Native Union website. If you’re looking for a unique memo device that is stylish, can easily and quickly record and play messages the Play is worth a look.

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