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Logitech Alert 750n Indoor Master System with 700n Indoor Add-On Camera both with Night Vision

The Logitech Alert Indoor Master System with Night Vision is the lowest costing professional quality security camera system I could find with ease of setup the main feature and you can add on night vision cameras for added security.
Ease of Use, Performance:  4.5/5
Look & Feel:  4/5
Features  5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5
Total:  4.5/5 Stars

Logitech ALert 750n Master System

I have been using two security camera systems for over a year and have been more pleased with the Logitech 750i system over the First Alert system. Logitech has not only continued to update and improve their current systems but have also been working on new ones like a night vision camera.

The one thing I thought was missing in my first review of the Logitech master security system was night vision and Logitech has now upgraded cameras with infrared night vision. A security system without night vision just does not make sense, most criminals sneak in the shadows; at least that’s what TV shows have you believe.

Actually today we need to fear the ones who are out in the bright daylight, or at least who walk door to door and try to steal deliveries instead of breaking into homes. That was the main reason for me wanting my security system, a watch over my home deliveries for my products that are set on my front steps.

The Logitech Alert 750n Indoor Master System comes with a night vision capable security camera, two Ethernet over power adapters, camera mounting adapters and software along with a manual. The Logitech 750n system is designed to be an easy to set up and use security system that uses the cameras to both deter thieves and catch them in the act.

Alert 700n Add-On Camera w Night Vision

The HomePlug Powerline system is Ethernet over power lines that simply use your homes wiring to connect the cameras so you don’t have to run Ethernet cables. The system works very well and creates an easy to set up network without having to run Ethernet wires throughout your home as well as keeping costs down.

The main deterrent of a camera hanging on the front of my home or in my front porch window keeps thieves from taking my mail and deliveries simply by being there. Even if no one sees the cameras I do have a saved video due to motion detection that will show what would be thieves and criminals are up to in front of my home.

I think a deterrent like a security camera and would be thieves who can see the camera with its LED lights blinking merrily help to keep them clear of my home and keeps my mail and packages right were the delivery people placed them. The Logitech 750n is much like the previous system I reviewed with its simple to setup Ethernet over power connection between the camera and your computer.

The HomePlug Powerline system uses your homes wiring to connect your camera to your computer but you need to make sure you do the setup correctly. I have had no problems setting up two cameras with the new system but you need to make sure you do not plug the adapters into a power strip.

Alert Commander

Power strips or surge protectors may interfere with the Ethernet signal so you need to plug the Ethernet over power adapters directly into a wall outlet but you can use extension cords if needed. I have a fifteen foot two wire extension cord on one of my cameras to connect the front night camera into an outlet and it works just fine.

Positioning cameras is as easy as deciding where you want the camera and then either plugging the adapter into the nearest outlet or using an extension cord to get to one. The adapters are easy to set up but they also have a small computer on board to record video and motion detection directly to the onboard SD card or to a computer connected to the network.

The cameras connect to a network through the Ethernet adapter and the Alert Commander program allows you to set up the system on a computer that also sends out email alerts or allows remote viewing. The Alert Commander system sends email messages or you can watch the camera live from any computer through your network or from a mobile device using the Mobile Alert Commander system.

The Mobile Alert Commander system does cost extra, $80 per year, but simple viewing over the internet is available for free using just your log in from any internet connected computer or tablet. The Mobile Commander gives some extra features but the simple Alert Commander allows you to view any Logitech camera live without any extra costs.

Live Viewing on Tablet

My system did not have a problem keeping up with all three cameras I currently have connected on my network but I did try some lesser computers and they worked fine as well. I have had very little problems with the Logitech System and the company has really helped with problems by updating their commander software and firmware for the cameras and adapters.

Logitech has continued to update their Commander software so the company is not just putting products out there and never improving them as well as listening to customer complaints and suggestions. The company has listened to customers especially on the lack of night vision and this new product is their answer so you can see in the dark for a more fully featured security camera system.

Logitech also has an add-on night vision camera that you can purchase separately at about $230 while the Master System with night vision costs about $300. The add-on camera model 700n is a simple addition to the Master System and comes with the HomePlug Powerline adapter to connect to the Alert Commander system.

You simply plug the camera into a nearby power outlet and search for cameras in your Commander software, the system should pick up the camera and add it to the ones already there. I have not had any problems recently with the system and since installing the new night vision one I have the added benefit of seeing in the dark.

Viewing Camera on Internet

Each camera whether from the indoor or outdoor systems or an add-on has an onboard SD card slot to record video using motion detection so you have a recording even without a computer. The system records to a PC as well as onboard individual cameras using an included SD Card so you have a good amount of recording ability.

The cameras during the day have pretty good vision and allow you to identify and pick out details of would be criminals as well as license plate numbers on vehicles close by. I can identify general make and models of vehicles as they drive by but I cannot read license plates unless the vehicles pull into my drive.

You can get a really good look at people or vehicles the closer they get so this system makes a great one for securing smaller areas like around your home and individual doors or entry ways. This would not make a very good system for identifying people from a distance of more than twenty or thirty feet so individual door or room viewing is better.

I have two cameras, a 700n and 700i, looking out my front porch windows so the cameras work well for viewing outdoors from inside my home both day and night for the night vision camera. I can clearly make out the tree in my front yard and identify people if they come up to my front door at night.

I tried turning my rear yard camera indoors and it clearly shows my kitchen in complete darkness like it is full daylight only in black and white. The night cameras work very well and make an excellent upgrade for the security system from the previous camera I had and reviewed.

The Logitech Master System with night vision would also make a great in home security system to catch people in the act or just to keep an eye on pets or little ones while you’re away. Watching the baby sitter while they watch the kids is a common situation and with online viewing of the live feed this makes an easy way to keep on top of your most important assets.

The night vision works best indoors or from a distance that allows the outputting infrared light to light up the scene as that is how the night vision works. Infrared light bathes the area nearby and the lens picks up this reflected infrared light from objects so it lights up using an invisible light.

I have spent quite a bit of time researching and looking into security camera systems and have found that the Logitech system is an inexpensive and easy to setup camera system that stands out as one of the lowest costing on the market. I think with the inclusion of night vision in either the add-on camera or the full system Logitech now places themselves as a leader in security camera systems.

I highly recommend the Logitech Alert 750n Indoor Master System that now includes infrared assisted night vision for better security recording. The 700n Add-On camera allows you to add a night vision capable camera to your existing system but you can also mix and match the indoor or outdoor cameras to either the indoor or outdoor master system.

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