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I purchase a couple pair of glasses from GlassesUSA to see how their website, ordering and prescription glasses are and how easy the site is to use.

Ease of Use/Performance: 21/25
Convenience/Storage 24/25
Appearance/Design 21/25
How much I enjoy 23/25

Total: 89/100


I have worn glasses since I was a child and have usually bought them through my insurance plan but lately I have taken to buying a pair of prescription sunglasses when I get a new pair of glasses. Two years ago at my last eye exam my doctor gave me the sad but not unexpected news that I would now need either two pairs of glasses or bifocals.

I could not imagine having to tilt my head all the time or roll my eyes to bring things in focus so I asked if I could get one prescription for working on my computer and another for general use. He said that would be a better idea since I did not read much except on the computer so he gave one prescription for work and another for distance.

I bought two pairs of lenses but not two eyeglass frames; I had a few pairs of old frames and just bought lenses to be put into those old frames. Just in time for my new exam I was contact by the PR company handling GlassesUSA and they wanted me to review their company’s website.

I started by getting new prescriptions and made sure I knew the size of glasses that fit me; glasses are fitted using three basic measurements. When looking at glasses the size of the lens itself, the bridge size and the length of the temples are the three measurements used.

Virtual Mirror

The eyeglass lens is measured in width, the bridge or distance between the lenses is the bridge measurement and the temple is the measurement from the lens on each side to the end of the ear piece. You can figure that frames that are close to the same size give or take a few millimeters will fit you and of course with most frames you can bend them a little.

I simply went and found a pair that fit me and got the measurements from the frames as all the sample frames in an eyeglass store or doctor’s office should have these three measurements somewhere on the frame. All three pairs I have also have this measurement on the temple piece so when you buy one pair of frames that fit you well you should write this down somewhere safe like on your prescription.

You will need a prescription from a doctor if you’re buying a pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses and this could also use some explanation while I’m at it. There will be a minimum of three measurements on a prescription; spherical correction, cylindrical correction and axis.

Some people who need bifocals, glasses with two different prescriptions on the same lens, will have a fourth part on their prescription for the pupillary distance. Pupillary distance for use with bifocals is usually 62mm for most people but if your prescription does not have this you should check with your eye doctor to see if it is the common measurement or something else.

GlassesUSA Package

There are other measurements that may be on a prescription such as prism which is an eye correction for displacement but this is not a common thing for most people. For purchasing eye glasses from an internet site you should only need the main sphere, cylindrical and axis measurements and possibly the pupillary distance.

Once you have these measurements from your prescription as well as the size that fits you it’s time to start shopping for glasses. The GlassesUSA website has several different ways to search for sunglasses, prescription and multifocal glasses.

The site has a wide variety of brand name frames including Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Ferrari and Converse as well as several lesser known brands. Eyeglass frames range around forty dollars to almost two hundred dollars not including the cost of lenses.

When you order prescription eyeglasses you can search by size as well as shape, brand, lens type, gender, color and material for the easiest way to find a frame that suits you. The site also has a virtual mirror so you can upload a picture of yourself or use a picture of someone else to see how the various glasses look on a person.

My New Eyeglasses

The virtual mirror is a great function and allows you to try glasses on in a way that others will see you instead of looking at a tiny mirror like at the eye doctor’s office. You can also see how sunglasses look which is another great feature, you can buy brand name sunglasses at great prices from GlassesUSA.

GlassesUSA sells sunglasses without a prescription so if you’re just looking for stylish sunglasses that fit well you can also find the same brand name frames in a variety of colored lenses. So once you have searched the site and chosen a pair of frames you just make sure the size is correct for you and click on the Select Lens button.

Once you select the lens according to eyeglass use like distance, progressive or fashion you move on to adding your prescription and the lens thickness according to the prescription. I ordered two frames in my distance viewing prescription with one in clear lenses and one in a sunglass lens for using in daytime driving or casual wear outside.

My order came to my doorstep by United States Postal Service delivery in seven days from ordering and the package was very well done. The two pairs of glasses came in a small cardboard box that had the two eyeglasses in snap shut suede lined cases that seem to made of a faux leather covered metal case.

The cases are the type that are bought at stores for around $5 and really protect the glasses while delivering the eyeglasses as well as when not in use. The protection of using a simple eyeglass case is actually innovative because it saves the company on packing materials and gives a sense of quality with your purchase.

The GlassesUSA eyeglasses come with a cleaning cloth in a small plastic pouch for an even better bonus but the glasses themselves were really worth the cost. I have bought my own frames and eyeglasses using my insurance and usually get the most inexpensive pair of frames available but only a cheap eyeglass pouch that probably cost a dollar.

The GlassesUSA frames I chose are the lower priced generic brand frames that I think look good and fit well but the fit is more from my trying glasses on at my eye doctor and noting the sizes. I ordered my sunglasses in a frame that is stylish and comfortable as well as a darker frame color that would blend in with the dark grey color of the lenses.

The glasses also came with my prescription on a plastic card for future ordering if I do not get a new prescription before my next order. The GlassesUSA frames I ordered came out great and my prescription works well, I had no problems ordering and was pleasantly surprised when I opened the small box.

I purchased two frames in my prescription with one pair of lenses in sunglasses for $220 total which is a pretty good price for two pair of glasses. I highly recommend the GlassesUSA website and company to order not only great sunglasses but prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses from both popular brands and inexpensive frame makers.

GlassesUSA Website