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Dr. Katz TheraBreath

Dr. Katz has a full product line of bad breath and gum care products for solving the obvious problems of halitosis by reducing bacteria in the mouth.

Ease of Use/Performance: 18/25
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Total: 74/100

Dr. Katz TheraBreath

Bad breath or halitosis is no joking matter and many people suffer the social difficulties and embarrassment but many people are at a loss as to causes and solutions. Dr. Katz is a dentist as well as a scientist who has specialized in bad breath, bleeding gums and a solution to the effects of bad breath and gum problems.

Bad breath or halitosis is a medical condition and not just one of bad habits, there are actual medical reasons many people have bad breath. Going to a doctor is a first step to ensure that you do not have a more serious problem behind your bad breath like diabetes or hormonal problems.

Taking on bad breath is a multifaceted project and can be started by changing your eating habits as well as better oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing at least twice a day is a great start not only to help with bad breath but for general overall health.

Once you have determined that you’re bad breath is not a result of something more serious it is time to battle the cause and work at combatting the effects of bad breath. You cannot just mask bad breath with minty or spicy toothpastes or mouth washes and gum issues can also be helped with similar products.

Proper hygiene is the first step even if a doctor has not told you so, a clean and healthy mouth along with better habits like stopping smoking and lower alcohol consumption can help. Helping with gum care is another problem that can be alleviated by proper hygiene and better eating habits but if extra attention is needed some anti-bacterial agents and other ingredients can help.

Sometimes we get to the end of our rope and cannot afford or are too embarrassed to seek professional help so we go to the store and the internet to seek solutions. I do not have bad breath, just normal morning breath from time to time so I just tried these products to see if they worked for even that as well as check out any side effects.

I received a wide range of Dr. Katz products along with a pamphlet that explains the problems of bad breath and gum disease along with possible solutions. I am not going to say that TheraBreath will solve everyone’s bad breath problems but it is a possible solution and worth a try especially if you have tried others to no avail.

Pet & Periotherapy

Dr. Katz has a wide range of products for bad breath, dry mouth and sensitive gums with both daily products like toothpaste and mouthwash as well as on the go ones like lozenges and gum. The bad breath line of products is toothpaste, oral rinse, throat spray, Fresh Strips, chewing gum, lozenges and AktivOxigen mouthwash.

The sensitive mouth and gum care line of Dr. Katz products is named PerioTherapy contains a toothpaste and an oral rinse to help combat sensitive gums, gum disease and bleeding gums. Some studies have shown that bleeding gums can be a sign of heart disease and heart attack so anyone suffering from gum problems like this should seek immediate medical help.

I have been using the TheraBreath toothpaste and PerioTherapy toothpaste for a couple of months as well as other products like the oral rinse and mouthwashes, lozenges, gum, throat spray and Power Drops from time to time. I have not had any adverse side effects from any of the products except for a noticeable, slight metallic taste when eating.

The products all work for both bad breath and dry mouth well and I had no problems using them; my wife says they work for bad breath so that is a testament to the products effectiveness. The metallic taste I have been experiencing is notable for many products that help to fight bad breath that are based on a zinc solution or toothpaste and pretty common.

Looking on several websites and forums about bad breath and the products available I found some that did not like Dr. Katz products but also a good share that tried them and liked the results. If you have bad breath and need a solution that is lower priced than a prescription and one that is readily available at local stores Dr. Katz TheraBreath and PerioTherapy lines may be a solution.

Dr. Katz also has an oral spray and oral solution for pets that can help with their bad breath as well, I tried this on my dogs and cats and they did not have a problem with either product. The oral solution is an additive for their drinking water that helps to control bad breath just like the human oral rinse.

There is also a breath spray if you can hold your pet down long enough to administer it that will also help with bad breath from your furred friends. All four of my pets had no problems from the oral solution in their water for a couple of weeks and the breath spray was alright but my pets did not enjoy it.

Dr. Katz TheraBreath products for bad breath and dry mouth may help with halitosis and other oral problems and are readily available at local stores like Wal-Mart and Walgreens. If you have bad breath or dry mouth and want to try something other than covering up the symptoms with minty or spicy products Dr. Katz products is a good option.

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