Sunbeam Convertible Iron + Steamer

The Sunbeam Convertible Iron + Steamer is a great travel iron and steamer in one appliance for the best of both appliances.

Ease of Use/Performance: 15/25
Convenience/Storage 22/25
Appearance/Design 15/25
How much I enjoy 20/25

Total: 72/100

Sunbeam Convertible Iron + Steamer

Sunbeam has released a unique iron that comes apart to include a steamer for a great convertible appliance for the home laundry. The Sunbeam Convertible takes the best of both ironing and steaming to give you the dual ability in one appliance with the simple twist of a switch.

The Sunbeam Convertible uses a steamer base that clicks onto the iron base for a convertible iron + steamer that works well for both ironing and steaming. The Sunbeam Convertible comes with the two parts of the iron and steamer, the brush attachment, a heat resistant base with silicone bumpers and an instruction manual.

The steamer upper portio0n snaps into the base and has a set of contacts that lined up when clicking the upper portion into the base. The contacts for the heating element of the base iron section are near the cord end with the steamer hole and surrounding seal bear the front with the iron control near the middle.

Whats in the Box

The steamer upper portion comes off the base with a simple turn switch at the back of the iron near the swivel cord and also has an indicator for knowing when the iron is plugged in. The steamer part of the Convertible is that upper portion of the iron with a water tank and steamer elements inside and the top controls.

The controls for the iron come up through the middle of the tank and end up as a dial under the handle which controls the temperature of the iron. The controls for the steamer are on the top of the handle toward the front for convenient thumb control of on/off, more or less steam and three indicators.

The opening to add water to the steamer portion is at the front and the back cord is a convenient swivel cord for ease of use while both steaming and ironing. The steamer portion weighs 1 3/4 pounds while the iron base weighs 2 pounds for a total weight of 3 3/4 pounds when connected.

Convertible Taken Apart

The steamer portion holds about a cup of water for a decent but not all that much steam ability but it is enough to do a good amount of things like curtains. Depending on how much you need the amount is a nice balance between size and capacity for steaming.

The steamer portion has a clip on fabric brush that has a row of brush bristles around the front and a velvet pad for hair and lint removal. The steamer works well enough for hanging garments and curtains as well as those flimsy things like light fabrics.

The steamer works pretty well for light jobs but this is no heavy duty steamer, it puts out enough steam for an iron and not quite enough for a full time steamer. Items like pants and shirts are nice to steam on the hanger as long as the wrinkles are not too big, the steam functions works but it is not a full sized steamer so does not output a lot of steam.

The Sunbeam Convertible works pretty well for those quick steam jobs like at hotels while you are traveling but again it is not a full sized steamer like those larger base type steamers. The iron function however works very well as a regular steam or dry iron with full controls of your typical iron including the full steam function.

Controls for Steamer

The iron has a full stainless plate over the heating element base for a smooth slick ironing surface that works very well for delicate fabrics. I have been using, more importantly my wife as well, the iron for several weeks and it works great.

I have not had a problem with the iron leaking out when ironing and the steam function is easy to use on the fly while ironing. Steaming works well enough but not a lot fo steam comes out, it’s more like an iron with steaming capability than a full time steamer.

It is a bit heavy but a decent iron has to at least weigh enough to iron out those heavy wrinkles, if you’re looking for a lighter weight iron the Convertible is not what you’re looking for. If you need a multipurpose iron that doubles as a steamer for some light steaming around the house on occasion the Sunbeam convertible is well worth it.

Controls for Iron

The steamer function is not all that the manufacturer could have hoped for but it does work well enough, it does steam but not like those full time machines that are specifically for steaming. This is more of a travel steamer that works best as an iron but also has the convenience of a steamer that works well enough.

The Sunbeam Convertible Iron + Steamer is well worth a look for the best of both worlds and costs about $60 and is available at many stores like Macy’s and Kohl’s as well as online.

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