Honeywell HZ-7200 Energy Smart Heater

The Honeywell Energy Smart Heater model HZ-7200 is a space heater with fan and oscillating motor that puts the desired heat where you want it using both a temperature setting dial and low/high settings.

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Honeywell HZ-7200 Energy Smart Heater

Winter is in full swing having just had a couple of weeks here in Minnesota with days averaging below zero a space heater is a great addition to any home. It has been really cold here in Minnesota lately and heating bills are up but this is a common happening every now and then in the Northern states.

I did have one of those radiator style heaters and was happy with it until one day it just stopped working, no heat and no indication as to why it died. I did a little research and found Honeywell has just what I needed, a space heater that oscillates and heats up a single room which helps to save some money.

Electric space heaters can save you money but not like many people think; a space heater is used to heat a room or area using electric heat to make that room comfortable. The heat is used in the area you are in and not in the rest of the house so you can set the rest of your home to a lower heat setting.

My house is old but does have a good circulation with two stairwells so heat easily moves upstairs, my bedrooms and my wife’s workroom upstairs is nice and toasty. My office is usually pretty warm unless it is really cold outside due to the computer and monitors which put out heat of their own.


This leaves a slightly chilly kitchen, living room and dining room but we don’t use the kitchen or dining room much on a long term basis. My wife likes to sit in the living room and work on her laptop while watching some of her favorites shows but has complained about the chill.

A space heater that can heat the 210 square foot room and keep it a warmer and more comfortable area is just what the wife ordered and what the Honeywell Energy Smart Heater delivers. The oscillating heater puts out a good amount of heat quickly and oscillates to move the air around using the fan and oscillating movement.

The Honeywell HZ-7200 heater has top controls and a shorter cord but the cord is a two prong 120 volt connection for use in most any household outlets. The heater has the easy to use top controls and has two different types of settings, low and high or by temperature.

You can set the heat to low or high for minimum or maximum heat or by temperature with 65, 70, 75 and 80 degree settings and you can turn the oscillator on or off. The HZ-7200 is rated at 1500 watts using your household 120 volts but I used a watt meter and was reading a lower wattage which is typical for all appliances.

Bottom & Cord of Heater

This heater was reading from 1340 to 1370 watts while using it in different rooms but this is common with all appliances and heaters. The space heater is rated at 1500 watts but due to slight variations in manufacturing it will not be a perfect 1500 watts because of things like connections and controls.

Factors that can lower the wattage are the manufacturing process that crimps connectors internally and the actual length of the heating element as compared with the length the element was designed for. When a product is designed they can rate it at a certain wattage and amperage but in actual manufacture the design is altered slightly to actually get things to fit.

Taking a length of coiled heating element and cutting it a precise length to fit into the heater is not going to be as exact as the engineers designed it. This manufacturing process and even the connectors that are crimping that heating element to the wires inside the heater will lower the wattage a little.

This is typical of all electric appliances and heaters, I measured four other heaters I have and all were 5 to 10 percent less wattage than what the labels said the device used. The 1340 to 1380 watts was more than acceptable in using the heater and was also typical of the other two 1500 watt heaters I checked out.

Using the watts and the price of electricity for me, $.079 per kilowatt hour, I get a cost of about 10 cents an hour to run the heater. If I run the Honweywell heater full blast all day long for thirty days it will cost about $77 but just running it three hours which is the average time my wife is watching TV in the living room it costs about $10 a month.

Back of HZ-7200

The heater does a great job of heating that smaller living room and using the heating by temperature controls you can keep the room at a desired heat level such as 75 degrees. The controls for the desired heat are simply by fives from 65 to 80 degrees but this gets the job done for an inexpensive heater.

The oscillating fan allows the heater to distribute the heat better in a room and give the whole room a more even flow of heated air. The heater works very well and is very quiet but without any sounds like the television you can hear the oscillating heater and fan running.

It is quiet and will not be heard over a television or other appliances; I worked on this review with the heater on my table and could not hear it over the sound of my computes fans. While the lower noise is nice it is also a nice idea to have the heater with a fan and oscillator over those radiant heater types for even heating in a room.

The heater is designed with a large outer VO rated plastic body which means the plastic is flame resistant to make the body part of the safety features of the heater. The body does not get overly hot and only if you place your hand in front of the outlet area does it get anywhere near hot.

You can safely place your bare hand on all the body of the heater and you can hold it on the outlet without fear of burns or even being uncomfortable. The plastic does not conduct heat at all and I was easily able to hold my hand directly on the plastic of the front right in the outlet area without any discomfort, it was just very warm.

Other safety features include a tip over switch that will kick in if the device is tipped over and an overheat switch if it gets too hot.  It also has a backup thermal circuit breaker and thermal switch on the motor but does not have an extra ground fault interrupter on the power cord for wet location protection.

This is not a heater for use in a bathroom or other possibly wet location as it does not have a special breaker on the power cord like models do that are designed for use in the bathroom. While that may be a deciding factor for some this means for common use in the home it works just fine, actually it works very well.

The Honeywell HZ-7200 oscillating fan heater costs about $55 and is a fantastic heater to help save money by only heating the room you’re in. I highly recommend the Honeywell HZ-7200 Energy Smart Heater for a safe, quick and efficient way to heat an area of your home to get the chill out.

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