Kalorik Stainless Steel Panini Maker

The Kalorik Fatless Grill Griddle, also known as a Panini Maker is a great non stick double sided grill and sandwich maker that cooks sandwiches, meats, vegetables and much more.

Ease of Use/Performance: 20/25
Convenience/Storage 22/25
Appearance/Design 20/25
How much I enjoy 25/25

Total: 87/100

Kalorik Panini Maker

Chicken, fish, steaks, sandwiches, even oddball things like cookies and pastries are all easy to make and with a little practice good eating. The double sided grill is now a hot, no pun intended, appliance and just about every company is selling them as a must have countertop cooking device.

The Kalorik Panini Maker is a 12.75 by 13.25 grill about 5 inches tall that uses 1400 watts to heat the two grill surfaces that are non-stick. The two grills are connected with a floating hinge that allows the grill surfaces to remain in contact with the food evenly.

The hinge opens to just beyond 90 degrees so you can prop open the grill to deal with your food but it also has a catch that allows you to open the grill fully. You can lay the top grill section flat on the counter for a full grill to cook on both sides.

Whats in the Box

The Kalorik Panini Maker comes with the grill, two drip cups, instructions and a plastic scraper that is contoured to fit the grills raised cooking ridges. The hinge uses a push button catch on one handle to allow you to open the grill fully but you need to adjust the feet.

The two back feet on the bottom of the grill flip up so the grill when used as a regular Panini maker is slanted to allow drippings to head toward the included cups. There are two spouts that direct drippings and grease toward the corner of the grill and two cups that are included to collect the drippings.

When used in the open position you swing the two feet out of the way so the grill lays flat on your countertop and allows for two large cooking areas. The grill also has a heat adjustment from Min to Max, I’m not sure about actual temperatures but high seems to be about 400 degrees or so.

Panini Grill Laid Flat

The grill is great for a variety of cooking for the regular contact grill like meats and sandwiches but also for odder food like vegetables and even baked goods. The traditional foods cook well for things like meats with both surfaces cooking the food from top and bottom.

The ridged surface makes cooking easier and even gives food that grilled look as well as taste of food that is quickly seared to lock in the juices. Searing meat is an important part of cooking as it seals in the juices for tender and more flavorful cooking as well as making the meat juicier.

Cooking vegetables and fruits like peppers and pineapple make for a unique and flavorful variety to your meals and cooking. There are a lot of possibilities for cooking but flatter foods like slices of pineapple or slices of sweet potato work best.

Drip Cup Detail

You can also try some interesting and different foods like pierogi, breads and cooking as well as pastries to make some unique and different treats. I tried grilling pierogi and cookies for a unique treat and I like the pierogi but cooking chocolate chip cookies did not work so well.

I found a recipe for cookies on the Panini grill but think cookies without chips would work better as the chocolate made them stick a bit too much on the grill. I am going to try some cookies like sugar or peanut butter that does not have the chips in it but I have plenty of time to experiment.

Other things like chicken and fish worked really well and I had a great time using the Panini grill, especially for Panini’s or sandwiches. We have been cooking up a storm making all kinds of sandwiches from plain cheese to meats and cheeses with vegetables and more.

Panini w/ Sweet Potato Fries

The grill does an excellent job of cooking sandwiches and heats and grills the bread with those grill lines for great crusty outer cooking while heating the inside well. The Panini grill makes a great countertop grill and using the grill for things like searing meat is great as well.

One way to cook some really delicious and tender chicken breasts, smaller pork or beef roasts is to sear them before roasting in the oven. I have used the Panini grill for chicken and pork roasts and it works great for the searing and getting those great looking grill lines.

The Kalorik Panini grill is a great table top grill and Panini maker that has the best of both a double contact grill and an open grill surface. I highly recommend the Kalorik Panini Grill which costs about $65 for a great way to cook meats and sandwiches easily and quickly.

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