Zumba Fitness Wii

Zumba Fitness for the Wii is an intense fitness routine where you dance the pounds off to some salsa, merengue and other rhythms that includes a belt for the motion controller.

Graphics & Audio: 18/25,
Gameplay: 14/25, 
Creativity 12/25,
Fun 12/25 

Total: 58/100

Zumba Fitness Wii

I am not rhythmic or even close to being musically inclined, I cannot dance other than shuffling my feet back and forth so a dance fitness routine based on fast paced music is a tough sell for me. Zumba Fitness for the Wii is just that, a fast paced dance routine that will get you fit if you can keep up with the energetic moves.

The Zumba Fitness package includes the game disc and a belt that holds the motion controller that registers the moves you make while following the routines. The fitness routines of Zumba include a tutorial that is way too fast, regular routines and create your own routines.

There are a set of routines with varying lengths and different dance types as well as the ability to set up your own routines with the variety of songs and dances. The game has the tutorials that help you get into the game and get the hang of things but these tutorials are way too short.

It’s a really simple thing to dance, unless you are uncoordinated and that is the main problem I have with this workout game. I can understand having a dance fitness routine but the game starts you out with the tutorials simply by giving you the basic moves then working right up to full dance moves.

The tutorial has you moving your feet back and forth then moving faster, then adding a second move then full out dance moves so fast that I could not keep up. I tried several times but could never get past the basic moves of shifting my feet back and forth fast but when the game adds in moves where you move feet in other directions and add arm movements I was lost.

If you have coordination or can dance, two left feet need not even look here, Zumba may be a good workout routine and will definitely take off the pounds. If you can’t dance and have no illusions that you ever will you are not going to like this fitness game much less keep up with it.

The game is just too fast paced and only for dancers or people that can quickly pick up the moves and workout to a full dance routine without any prompting. The tutorials are not very informative and will not do more than show what you’re supposed to do without any prompting.

The dancer on screen is this glowing outline that will at first just move one foot and then the other to perform the step that you are supposed to follow. Once the motion controller senses the move it goes to the next higher level and you just follow along by the color the outlined figure.

The third move adds some kind of sideways shuffle or other dance move and then speeds this up for the next move upward in the tutorial but it’s too fast. The tutorial just shows what to do and if you can keep up they will give you the fast paced moves of the dance you’re working on.

Every time you perform a move correctly, or as correct as shaking the motion controller is, the form on screen will glow green and move on. The motion controller registers the moves too easily, you can literally just shake the controller with your hand to have it register the moves you are supposed to be performing.

If you are on some kind of regular dance routine or just want to use Zumba for a quick at home routine to supplement your regular workout this may be a good variety to your workout. If you find dance moves of more than just shuffle complexity hard enough that you just want to stay with the Yoga or simpler Wii fitness routines Zumba may be worth skipping.

I just found it too hard to keep up with the moves and even though this is not a surprise to me it does come as a surprise that I could not do anything with this fitness routine. If you’re interested in trying this out and are unsure if you can keep up I would try a rental before purchasing.

For those that can dance it does make a very good workout routine and offers plenty of fun variety with both the regular set routines and ones you can set up yourself. I gave Zumba such a bad score because it has no lower difficulty settings at all, it’s a you can dance or your left in the dust type of difficulty.

They should have given a much slower tutorial or something to offer us less coordinated individuals the chance to get the hang of the game instead of leaving us stranded with our two left feet. Zumba is worth a look for an alternate to a regular Zumba routine at the gym or other dance routine you use for your fitness routine but for some of us it is not going to work.

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