Test Drive Unlimited 2 PS3

Test Drive Unlimited 2 for the PlayStation 3 is a new driving action game that uses real world cars and some exotic locales for good racing action but with too many problems that make the game less than enjoyable.

Graphics & Audio: 16/25,
Gameplay: 14/25, 
Creativity 14/25,
Fun 14/25 

Total: 58/100

  Test Drive Unlimited 2 PS3

I enjoy a good racing simulator, I love road rally games when a good one comes along but hate games that require jumping through hoops or testing to advance in the game. This jumping through hoops and testing comes pretty early in the game and amounts to a road block if you have problems getting through the individual tests to move along in the game.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 has the open world racing where you start as a valet down on your luck and working to drive some rich woman around who offers you the chance to race. Unlikely as it seems this is the start of something good in your life and the chance to race a decent car may be in your future if you’re good enough, or lucky.

After choosing your character features, not the best looking no matter what you do with it, you get the choice of car but from a select list. You can drive around the island of Ibiza and later Hawaii checking out stores and racing against others who invite you simply by flashing your head lights.

You have to pass driving tests in order to move on in the game and this was a bad part of the game in my opinion, I understand having advancement but some of the driving is not all that easy in the cars you’re given. I chose the Ford Mustang and it turns out the car fishtails wildly on and off road while a few of the driving tests require good traction on the road.

Once you get each license this opens up more races and other features and you can always race against others and bet on the outcome but you will eventually have to pass those driving tests. Races are not by car type but can be entered with whatever car you’re currently driving so the odds may be stacked against you from the starting line.

Getting those races with other players in the multiplayer portion which only means the main driving around the island and jumping to a quick private race when challenged works just fine. When you’re fighting to race against the game itself you have the odds stacked against you as most of the other cars I drove against were much better than mine.

I have played other racing games both more simulator like and several that leaned toward arcade style but I enjoy more games that require less testing and frustration than actual fun driving. I was very frustrated several times having to pass tests to move forward in the game that Test Drive Unlimited 2 became less fun and more of a chore.

Graphics were just fine for the cars and scenery but the characters were terrible, more than just last year’s modeling, more like last decades. I did not like the cut scenes or the times outside the car where you had to interact as it did not look good at all.

Audio was fine for the most part but like other things just seemed to be thrown together and as long as it worked no one did any more fine tuning to get things better. I got to really hate the moments right before a test or race with the camera spinning around your car and hearing the revving of the engine.

That revving sounded more like a lawn mower than a car with a V6 or V8 engine, the tires screeching on pavement or dirt sounded more like a mini-bike as well. I just got to become annoyed with the sounds along with other portions of the game even though things worked decently enough.

It’s when these minor points start to add up and become less minor and more of a disappointment and finally the game has become more a choir to play than one to enjoy. No wheel settings to change, tests in order to advance and poor graphics while walking around start the annoyances but others just add to the overall poor quality.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 on the PlayStation 3 is not worth taking a look at and unless you really just need to have the game a purchase I feel is out of the question.

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