Tangled Wii

Tangled for the Wii is a platforming adventure based on the feature film release by Disney following the antics of Rapunzel, Flynn and their friends as they try to find Rapunzel’s true home.

Graphics & Audio: 20/25,
Gameplay: 18/25, 
Creativity 18/25,
Fun 19/25 

Total: 75/100

Tangled Wii

Tangled has released as a feature animated film by Disney and the usual video games based on the film that are sure to follow have also hit the streets. Tangled for the Wii uses the same story as the film with a bit less story in cut scenes and little reading compared to the Nintendo DS version but pretty much the same adventuring.

Tangled follows the story of Rapunzel being kept in a tower by Gothel for her own “safety” but Flynn comes along and stirs things up. Rapunzel and Flynn leave to follow their own adventures with Gothel hot on their trail as they move from one area to the next unraveling the story.

You play through each area as both Flynn and Rapunzel starting at the tower but there is not much there for you to do, leaving takes you to a world map that allows you to access each unlocked area. Once an area is unlocked you tackle each section of platforming adventure using both characters to solve the puzzles and move on.

You switch between each character and moving around drags the other with you so using both is pretty easy, you will need to use both Flynn and Rapunzel to solve puzzles. Each area contains obstacles as well as collectibles but the collecting does not do much other than gives a little extra content to the game.

Obstacles and puzzles amount to things like using Rapunzel to swing onto a plateau and then pulling Flynn up using Rapunzel’s hair as a rope. Other things use both characters to move along in each area and tackle the many foes but killing them is not a part of this kid friendly game.

When you beat or clunk a foe into submission they go to sleep so the game is more or less kid friendly in both ease of play and aggressive content. Throughout the story you will have the chameleon Pascal as a helpful companion and the horse Maximus as a somewhat friendly adversary.

The adventuring is pretty easy but at times you have to be pretty specific about hitting the correct spot in order to accomplish some moves. Other times things are pretty simple and just take some effort to get the game moving along with the story but using both characters.

This game would be much better as a coop play with two playing as some of the moves you need to accomplish are much easier with two people controlling the characters. A few of the platforming obstacles I had to repeat as the other character would move out of position for me to accomplish the move when the computer was running that character.

Tangled on the Wii is pretty good and the controls work well without any problems, likewise the audio and video are good and a little above average but nothing that is remarkable or noteworthy. Tangled works and works well without any problems in control and looks as well as sound good but this is an average or a bit above game based on the feature animated film and nothing more.

The Wii version may take a little longer then the Nintendo DS version to complete but it is a short game and should not be much of a value once you play through it once. Repeating the game is really not that much fun unless you are a youngster who just cannot get enough of the characters and story of Tangled.

Tangled on the Wii is yet another temporary diversion until something better comes along but that won’t be that long of a wait. The Wii version is pretty good and kids should have an easy time playing and enjoying this short adventure game based on the feature film.

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