Tangled NDS

Tangled for the Nintendo DS is a short but cute platforming adventure that follows the Tangled story for kids to bring the fun home while they wait for the film to come out on video.

Graphics & Audio: 18/25,
Gameplay: 18/25, 
Creativity 16/25,
Fun 18/25 

Total: 70/100 

Tangled NDS

Disney released the animated adventure of Tangled that follows the Rapunzel fable and of course we get the slew of video games also released along with the feature film. Tangled on the Nintendo DS is a cute adventure game that will tide kids over for a little while as they wait for the next adventure game to come along.

While the game is playable and about as good as you would expect do not think that kids will continue to be glued to the small screen for hours on end. There is a lot of story to read as you follow along in the adventure gaming of Tangled as well as a few hours of platform adventuring.

You start off in the tower of Rapunzel and her keeper Gothel when a handsome prince enters and you can either start off your adventuring by leaving the tower or search the tower. The tower has a few things inside like some mini-games but you will soon leave to find a little more interesting fun elsewhere.

The outside is a map world and each area you enter is a forest or town where you play as either Rapunzel or the prince Flynn, switching back and forth is really easy and necessary for some of the adventure puzzles. You move through each area to unlock the next areas and continue in the story of the game but the small puzzles kids encounter are not all that tough.

Mostly you have simple things like using both characters to perform some action that will help the other to move along such as Rapunzel using her hair as a rope for climbing and swinging. Flynn can do things Rapunzel can’t like cut down bushes so each character uses their abilities together to get the team through obstacles.

The story along with the adventuring will not follow exactly along with the story and several of the tasks the pair must accomplish have little or nothing to do with the film but things work out pretty well. They did a good jog for the most part of dividing the abilities and making the player use both characters to accomplish goals and puzzles.

Younger kids may have a problem with both the more difficult puzzles or getting things done exactly as the game needs them to or with the continuous reading between areas. In both the Wii game and the Nintendo DS version some of the puzzles are a bit too finicky with hitting the exact spot you need to accomplish the puzzle or maneuver but it works out in the end.

Kids may just have an easier time than I did with some of the puzzles but should not have a problem if they continue to try and work at the problems and moves. I thought the game got a little repetitive with continual moves and repeat puzzles like hacking through bushes in a lot of areas but the variety is there if you stick with the game.

Video and audio are pretty good but about average for the Nintendo DS with good looking video and good sounding audio but nothing above average for either. The game uses a sideways 3 dimensional view where you see a small area around the characters and the whole view moves along when the characters get to the side of the area.

You can only go to areas allowed by the game as you continue along in each section but when you have finished in each area you will unlock the next in the story. Each area can be revisited but without any real incentive to do so your kid probably will not go back.

During gaming you are encouraged to collect some things like flowers and more but there is no unlocks to use these with that amount to anything. The game will probably take five or six hours for kids to complete for a shorter adventure but kids will have at least some fun with the game if they are interested in the animated feature.

Tangled for the Nintendo DS is a pretty typical video game based on the animated feature with very little in the way of substance but it does make for a decent if shallow diversion.

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