Total War: Shogun 2 PC

Shogun 2 is the next release in the turn based and real time strategy game series Total War battling between feudal clans of 16th Century Japan with you in charge of both the wars and general business of your clan.

Graphics & Audio: 24/25,
Gameplay: 23/25, 
Creativity 22/25,
Fun 21/25 

Total: 90/100 

Shogun 2

Creative Assembly brings the next strategy game in the Total War and Shogun series that combines the day to day management of your clan in turn based strategy along with real time battles. Total War: Shogun 2 brings the best of both worlds of real time war and turn based strategy management for an interesting and dynamic gaming experience.

Total War: Shogun 2 starts you out as clan Overlord of one of the provinces of Japan in the 16th century where you do some basic management of resources, education and religion along with diplomatic relations. During your course of steering your province through the events of the 16th century you will encounter in battle other clans which you need to prepare for.

You build your province both in the public order and maintaining the affairs of your clan but also with the protection needed of the day. Warriors and armies will include the sword swinging popular Japanese soldiers as well as bow and arrows or spear carrying soldiers of the time.

You get to control each group of warriors you build in battle but you first need to recruit each set of soldiers during the turn based gaming. Each part of the game, turn based management and real time strategy, is separate and distinct for a good break from time to time in each area of gaming.

You start the campaign of Shogun 2 by choosing one nine clans and several time frames to battle your way to Kyoto in using both diplomacy and war. The main goal of the campaigns is to seize control of Kyoto and you have a variety of time frames to choose from do accomplish this.

Each clan you can choose from has a specialty like woods for bowmen and you get a bonus for recruiting this unit of soldiers while other units like spearmen or swordsmen are recruited normally. During your turn based city building you work at diplomacy with other clans, money management using taxes and trade as well as building up your armies.

You need to pay attention to your skills and religion along with money and taxes as well as work at improving your provinces with roads, better farming and army training facilities. Recruiting your armies works well and you can build several groups at one time and when a group is more skilled in an area this will require more than a single turn to recruit them.

You use diplomacy and trade to enhance relations with the AI controlled provinces and if you want or sometimes when you do not war erupts. Battles are pretty straightforward for placing units and management during the fighting or you can auto complete the battle and allow the computer to decide the outcome based on numbers and units.

A lot about Shogun 2 is great including the AI that does a fantastic job at war and managing their own provinces during the turn based gaming. The wars are pretty basic and not a lot varies in the facts of using soldiers based on the era but there are a lot of subtle variations and strategy that can be used.

Terrain also plays a big part and every little hill and tree stand can be used to your advantage during the battles but mainly you’re recruiting and balancing your armies plays the biggest role. Sea battles add to the fun and using archers then boarding ships makes up the majority of the battles on the water but there is still strategy to be used.

Shogun 2 looks great with very well done maps and battlefields as well as the general pages for skills and religion or other areas like building your towns and armies. The variety of pages look great and are easy enough to use, I had no problems playing the game with only a quick run through some of the tutorials.

I did peek through the encyclopedia from time to time to read up on the various topics included or ones that I was interested in but did not find it all that necessary to play and enjoy the gaming. You can play Shogun 2 without much instruction from the included manual or tutorials as the game is well designed and presented.

The game presents itself well and you will really enjoy the battles with the better looking graphics but even the turn based strategy looks great. I did find waiting for the AI turns to be a bit lengthy when going through several seasons and having to wait about thirty seconds for the other turns annoying but it is a part of the game.

You can play against the AI or against live players in both campaign and single battles so there is plenty of value in Shogun 2. The campaign against other players is turn based and plays almost exactly like the single player campaign with the real time battles being fought just like you would expect as well.

Adding a real live opponent does make for more of a challenge and saving the game for later play adds a lot to the games value and being able to play blocks of time against others when you can arrange it. Total War: Shogun 2 adds a lot of various components like the great looking graphics, well done music accompaniments and the well-designed strategy gaming for an overall well-made and fun game.

I highly recommend Total War: Shogun 2 for a great real time and turn based strategy game that plays well, looks great and is fun to boot.

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