Create Video Game PC, PS3 & Wii

Create for the PC, PlayStation 3 and the Wii are all very similar games that take the Contraptions game play and adds some design creativity for the player to have some additional fun.

Graphics & Audio: 22/25,
Gameplay: 14/25, 
Creativity 14/25,
Fun 14/25 

Total: 64/100 


“The more players explore the game, solve level-based challenges and customize their world, the more rewards will be unlocked.” Sounds great if it was only as true as it seems. Create takes the contraptions type game of building Rude Goldberg creations to solve simple puzzles to a logical next step.

The problem here is the next logical step that Electronic Arts and developer EA Bright Light came up with is not what the name implies. Create sounds like you get to actually design or at least build a contraption of your own but you don’t, you decorate the stage.

The game starts you out with some tutorials to get used to the sometimes clunky controls and moves you along in actual levels to solve simple puzzles. Getting an object from point A to point B is a common puzzle but others involve things you would expect as well.

Simple objectives like getting an object into another object, ball into basket, makes things a bit different but in the end the contraptions you build to solve work just fine. Your given a set of tools or objects to make the solution happen and the base your given is also part of the contraption but the game adds some pre puzzle objectives in some puzzles.

The Create part of the puzzle is you have to place objects or textures on the world before some puzzles and levels which would have been great as an option. This just adds some content and game time to the mix but painting textures and colors or adding stickers, plants and objects to decorate the platform is not all that fun.

The tools used for the create process are actually just paint brushes that you paint textures and colors on your backgrounds, not exactly the create the name implies but you do get stickers and objects to place as well. The Create Chain part as they call it simply has you needing to paint or place decorations or textures for each level that they use these chains on.

Once you’re done with this part you have to solve the puzzle challenge and get the various objectives done for each puzzle but you are again limited by what you’re given to solve your puzzle. Each puzzle has the static base and they give you a variety of objects but only a dozen or less are customary so you are given a very limited set of objects to use in each puzzle.

The higher you go in levels you do get more objects to use but you also have to continue along in your quest to finish each one with the limited and too focused solution. The objectives may have different possible solutions but the fact that you’re given such limited objects the solutions are also limited.

I love contraptions games and having to solve those typical puzzles is fun but Create just seemed a bit rushed out the door, there was no feeling of an overall well made game. Instead there was a feeling of separate groups of people creating parts of a game and in the final week or so before release they got together and rushed the final project to the shipping department.

You have 14 levels with 10 Create Chains in those levels for some good long gameplay but after about an hour I got tired of having to solve the puzzles in the only way possible with the limited tools. You also have some online challenges but only four to try your puzzle solving skills at from the EA servers, compared to the over 100 of the levels the online content is pretty slim pickins.

Create has some good to great looking graphics in all three versions I received but the game plays exactly the same in each version and the only difference was controls and looks. Of course PlayStation and PC looked a lot better than the Wii but the Wii did not look bad at all, just lower definition.

Audio for all three works well and deserves at least above average ratings but with a simple game and simple background music with a few simple sound effects you have everything workings just fine in audio. The audio works well and is just about the same for the PS3 and PC and as you would expect a little more muted on the simpler Wii system but still working just fine and sounding great.

Controls was a pretty mixed bag with the PS3 the worst as little movements tended to be needed to get the obects moved just right for placing. The Wii controls worked better as the controller was easier to get things placed correctly and mouse and keyboard came in the middle.

The main thing here is placing objects just so to get the results you need, at first it worked easily but toward further levels and puzzles you have to do a lot of finicky adjustments. Many times you have to move an object just pixels in one direction to get the results you need and the controls just were not up to the task.

Create works fine and would have been a great game had it played more like the inevitable games you are going to compare this too such as Little Big Planet and other simpler puzzle games like Crazy Machines. Getting an object from point A to point B may not be as easy as you think but in the end its fun and it works but the main problem with Create is you really do not create anything, you just decorate.

Create on the three systems worked just fine but in the end other games without the create part work better and are easier to play and share with others. If you’re looking for another problem solving puzzle game Create is a good lengthy game for puzzles but you get the same if not better games in other puzzle games without the required decorating.

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