Nuclear Dawn PC

Take a real time strategy game run by one person from each team and plug all other players on the same server in as all those little soldiers duking it out as your first person shooters and you have Nuclear Dawn.

Graphics & Audio: 18/25,
Gameplay: 20/25, 
Creativity 24/25,
Fun 18/25 

Total: 80/100

Nuclear Dawn PC

While Nuclear Dawn may not be all that great a game I do have to give Interwave Studios a nod to try to make something a bit different. Nuclear Dawn takes the first person shooter and incorporates a real time strategy element by giving a commander the resource building and overall view of the combat field.

Nuclear Dawn started as a Source Mod back in 2006 and then in 2009 it was announced as a commercial prospect for various consoles and the PC. Nuclear Dawn was released on September 26, 2011 and available for the PC or MAC and will be coming to the Xbox 360 console sometime in the future.

The game is a classic Source multiplayer game where you start by choosing sides and your class from four of the traditional multiplayer gaming choices. Assault soldier, sniper, support specialist or heavy weapon specialist with weapons and gear typical to each class.

The game then puts you at your base or a forward spawn point if your team has one and allows you the option to vie for commander of the game which is the RTS portion of the game. The commander is in charge of your supply and defense resources while the fighters on the field are there to try and take the capture points and defend your resources.

Each side of the field has resource locations that allow your side to gain more options to defend or attack the enemy using turrets, resupply depots and forward spawn points. The commander places these resources while the soldiers are supposed to defend them, fix them when damaged and work their way toward the enemy base to destroy it.

The games main objective is to take out the other teams commander and this happens to be a pretty decent way to run a game if everything went the way it is supposed to. Being able to place items and resources where you want as commander means you can strategically position things for best defense and offense.

Playing the game is much different than what it is supposed to be, if you have a good commander that knows what he is doing chances are you will have fun. If your commander is new or not very good you can have problems as resources placed incorrectly can be disastrous for your side.

Mostly the commander is only half the equation but it can be hard if your leader does not know what they are doing or you just don’t have one. Commanders have it tough and the team is counting on them to position things like turrets to defend or keep enemies at bay.

Several times while playing I saw commander’s work magic while playing and other times the wrong placement of a turret or two meant we were slaughtered. Putting the right resource in the right place is a major portion of the commanders’ job but communication is also important.

Playing as a soldier is fun and you have a good choice of soldier types and weapons to play with so the teams on each side are well equipped. The game as far as the multiplayer first person shooter works well but a few problems mar the gameplay but you can still have lots of fun.

The fields are big with plenty of variety in environment and terrain but not enough pieces of foliage or smaller things to hide behind. You can have plenty of choices for routes to take and ways to sneak in but there really is very little to hide behind as a sniper or the soldier class who can also use a sniper rifle.

The support class is your main repair soldier awhile the heavy weapons can either use a machine gun for personnel or a laser weapon for destroying machines. The placement of machines by the commander is important as the support can easily take out turrets and such form a distance if they want.

Each area has a few of the capture points, small machines that turn your color when you capture them and allows the commander more resources for his job. Your team must defend the machines that commander places as well as the capture points and the main base that has your main spawn point, the commanders little control hut and other things like a resupply building.

Being the commander is tough, a lot harder than you imagine as you have to place resources correctly as well as work at not allowing the enemy to take over your side of the playing field. Most often the game is fun but can be a bummer when you’re losing as the spawn gets very erratic and you can get a lot of kills or deaths during the last few minutes of a game.

Nuclear Dawn works well but too often I found myself on a team that did not have a leader or one that was new or just had no clue what they were doing and we lost miserably. Usually you find yourself cornered into the main base and soon not able to spawn as the enemy has destroyed your spawn machine and are working on taking out your commander’s hut.

Being a Source game both video and audio are lower quality and really not all that great but the game does make up for this some in being a new type of game and interesting in design. If you have good commanders the game is fun but when you get a novice or someone that does not have a clue what they are doing it can really stink for that team.

Nuclear Dawn on the PC is a pretty fun game and with the rash of multiplayer games that try hard to be different but are mostly copies the game does something different that works. Nuclear Dawn is available from download sites like Steam for about $25, about right for this cross genre game that in the end is worth it.

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