GoldenEye 007 Reloaded PS3

GoldenEye Reloaded on the PlayStation 3 revisits the same plot, well no they changed that, how about the same actor, nope different as well, well, the game is new with a nod to the original.

Graphics & Audio: 18/25,
Gameplay: 20/25, 
Creativity 21/25,
Fun 16/25 

Total: 74/100

GoldenEye 007 Reloaded PS3

In a classic move of remaking and trying to make some more money on a classic game that comes from a classic film series Activision and developer Eurocom look toward the 007 franchise gold. GoldenEye 007 Reloaded now hits the PS3 and Xbox 360 but with a few changes from the original story along with the update to a few new actor models as well.

Following a year after the Wii version came out this James Bond 007 first person shooter takes us back to the same general plot line but with changes big enough to make the revisit a different experience. The plot is different, not much different but enough to make the game seem like a new affair and with enough changes that some will take you by surprise.

Basically the game boils down to three modes, single player, single player Ops missions and multiplayer online modes for a good variety of gameplay. The single player missions are a shorter seven to ten hour rework of the 007 story with a more generic plot and reworked enemies.

While the story may be different you still have bad guys doing what they do best and you as the master British spy trying to stop them, usually with a gun. They have introduced one new style of gameplay in this reworking with a stealth mode that allows you to try to sneak up and take out enemies.

This works on the whole and in a Splinter Cell style move you can work your way through several areas with only hand to hand combat for kills but you will need to balance this with all out gun play. A few times I had to resort to shooting guys in the face with my trusty sidearm or better yet a shotgun when my moves were detected but that works as well.

Not that violence ever solved anything for real this game just goes to show you that it is fun to blast your way through enough levels that it makes a notable single player experience. Couple this with a long list of MI6 Ops missions and single player gaming is great.

MI6 Ops missions are eleven missions broken down into four gameplay styles where you defeat enemies on a general map using either stealth or just general shooting.  The four game modes are Elimination, Defense, Stealth and Assault with the objectives of each about what you would expect.

Elimination has a set number of enemies and you simply wander the map and kill everyone while Defense does the same thing in waves with you defending a single spot on the map. Stealth has you wandering the map and keeping things quiet as you dispatch a set number of enemies while assault allows you to take on a defended position.

The MI6 missions are pretty fun but with an AI that doesn’t get very inventive or just a bit too repetitive the game mode just does not stack up to other predecessors like Call of Duty’s Special Ops. The single player mission for both the campaign and the MI6 Ops Missions do make the game worthwhile for a rental or purchase for fans of the British spy but that’s not all.

In the MI6 Ops Missions you can select a wide range of settings to adjust game difficulty and for just a bit of extra fun with things like enemy lives. Some settings simply adjust how many enemies you fight while a few add a lot of difficulty like only being able to kill with headshots.

The Multiplayer gaming is also a remake for the most part with the same spy versus spy gaming against live players online but with a bit of a lesser experience than other games. GoldenEye 007 Reloaded tried to make the online experience both a bit different and following on the success of the original and for the most part it works well.

You do have your choice of characters and weapons with a few different modes but in all the game just does not stack up to other current online multiplayer first person shooters. You do get a workout against other players with leveling and even a new mode that is worth at least a few tries.

GoldenEye Reloaded multiplayer has a team death match and individual watch out for your own neck modes, an escalation mode where each kill requires a new weapon and the bomb defuse/arm mode. You also have a wide variety of gameplay styles just like the MI6 Ops giving you choices like Golden Gun mode for one shot kills, paintball and more settings for multiplayer variety.

GoldenEye Reloaded for the PS3 was a bit lower graphics quality and did have me wondering about the high definition claims a few times but for the most part graphics looked pretty good. Audio was just fine except for the occasionally annoying repetitive one liners many of the characters use.

GoldenEye 007 Reloaded for the PS3 is a pretty good game and well worth checking out for at least a little variety in your first person shooter gaming. The PS3 version of GoldenEye 007 Reloaded costs $60 currently which is a bit much for this title but with the availability of rentals I can easily see this as a good weekend game to pick up for some extra fun.

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