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Zuma’s Revenge Nintendo DS

Bring the hit puzzle game Zuma’s Revenge with you on the Nintendo DS with five game modes including a versus mode and a random mode which is Nintendo exclusive.

Graphics & Audio: 22/25,
Gameplay: 22/25, 
Creativity 20/25,
Fun 23/25 

Total: 87/100

Zuma's Revenge Nintendo DS

Zuma’s Revenge is a puzzle game that has been a hit on other platforms and now comes to the handheld gaming system Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS but with some added modes. The Nintendo DS and 3DS game comes with two additional modes of versus to play against another person and a random mode that selects games from three different categories for you to play.

Zuma’s Revenge is a puzzle game where you play a frog spitting colored balls to knock out paired matches while those balls travel along a predetermined path toward a skull. The balls traveling along the path are both colored balls and special power up balls entered randomly and according to the game mode.

Some of the modes require you get all the balls before entering the skull while others require you get as many points as possible during a specific time period. Matching the ball colors makes that set disappear when more than three are in a row while some balls have power ups like additional points, reverse balls, explosive balls, special aiming balls and balls that slow or stop the train.

The Adventure mode starts with a short story and plot throughout 60 levels with a little mix up to the gameplay with additions to the frog moving around a bit when you move through the various levels. The Challenge mode simply goes from the simplest level and increases the difficulty through 70 levels of gameplay but some higher levels are only available after completing the Adventure levels.

Daily Dungeon is a daily mix up of game modes that change every day and simply give a slot machine that allows you to play a randomly generated game from three categories. The boss fights that are played in the Adventure mode are locked until you complete them in the Adventure mode so some of the Daily Dungeon modes are locked as well when you start playing Zuma’s Revenge.

The Versus is a simple game played against another player using three game types but your opponent does need to have his own game cartridge. The Versus mode has three different game types and is the exclusive to the Nintendo DS gaming system for Zuma’s Revenge.

The Nintendo DS version of Zuma’s Revenge works very well with full touch screen control for simple control of the main frog that shoots the balls. The games simplicity and sometimes fast paced gameplay works well with the touch screen and the Nintendo DS and 3DS work very well with this game.

I had no problems playing the game and with the touch screen it surely makes the game that much easier with aiming and getting your shots where you want them. I compared this with the PC version and was truly impressed with the touch screen controls and ease of use with the touch screen for aiming.

The variety of game modes and the addition of a couple of types with the handheld exclusive adds a little value but you really can’t beat the fact that the Nintendo version adds the best aiming mechanism with the touch screen. The game uses a bright color scheme and gameplay is fantastic as far as visuals and graphics for a really good looking game as far as graphics.

The audio includes some really catchy music that plays in the background that does not get boring or irritating during your entire experience but the audio is a bit lower key. I was happy to review Zuma’s Revenge and found the experience to be fantastic on the Nintendo 3DS even if the game does not pop out at you using the 3 dimensional screen.

Not every game needs to make use of the 3D gimmick and Zuma’s Revenge is certainly in that category as well as a fantastically fun game for a quick pick up and play puzzle game. I highly recommend Zuma’s Revenge as a fun, quick pick up and play puzzle game for the handheld Nintendo DS or 3DS.

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