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Tropico 4 Modern Times PC

Modern Times is a new expansion pack for the game Tropico 4 which takes the Cold War to new heights in a city building simulator that is fun and engaging.

Graphics & Audio: 20/25,
Gameplay: 22/25, 
Creativity 21/25,
Fun 22/25 

Total: 85/100

Tropico 4 Modern Times

Tropico 4 is a city building simulator with a slight bent of humor toward the Cold War and all the politics that went on during those times. The main game has some unique aspects including Russian sympathies and using the political aspects such as secret police and friendly policies with China and Russia.

Tropico 4 is an interesting game but the Modern Times expansion pack increases the fun going into modern times including the space race and energy efficiency. The expansion goes up to the 1990’s and beyond with modern buildings and technologies to help you bring your island nation into the 21st century.

You need to have the base game of Tropico 4 to play the expansion Modern Times but once you start you will have the two campaigns from both games to play as well as other game modes. You get the new 12 level campaign along with a sandbox open ended gameplay mode where you simply build your world until you can’t fit anything else on your island or you go bankrupt.

Typical Start

The campaign has some unique and interesting slants on the city building with things like zombie plagues and even internet blocking should you deem to. The game has a lot of unique and interesting features that you can use or leave to others to work at building your city how you like.

You can go toward the secret police and putting down the rebellious free thinking individuals or help your citizens be those free spirits and live how they want in your gameplay. You have to build according to a formula that mainly builds happiness in your citizens in order to accomplish the main goals which is toward specific tasks.

In order to make decent money in each campaign level you need to accomplish some tasks to win the mission but they can be accomplished with just a little work. Mostly in each level of the campaign you have to build up a specific part of your economy like tourism or agriculture using the offered deals.

My Waterfront

These specific missions are not plainly laid out from the start but are obvious when you get specific tasks offered and it usually dawns what the main theme of each mission will be. Some levels are a bit tougher like having no resources on your island and needing to import not only raw materials to produce but also food like corn and bananas.

You can also just use the sandbox mode and see how fast you can build up a tropical paradise how you see fit up to and including nuclear power and the weapons that allows as well as space technology. Tropico 4 Modern Times does take the base game of city building fun into the technology of tomorrow including things like solar power, fish farming and other modern buildings.

Tropico 4 and the expansion Modern Times does look and sound great with a very easy to handle interface and even the time controls work well. The game has some easy to tell buildings and the main interface allows for easy navigation between the building aspects and being able to look at aspects of your government.

Natural Disaster

The game includes some handy helps like resource and economy overlays that show you the best places to put specific resources or where your natural resources are on and around the island. The game has a journal that gives specific economy and population statistics to help you build the appropriate resources you need to raise a particular aspect of your society.

I found it really easy to keep checking the happiness scale and when a particular subject such as entertainment or healthcare was low to simply concentrate on building those types of resources. Many times during the first few games I did not use this resource and had problems with going bankrupt or the games goals not being met so I failed the mission.

When I simply worked toward getting those happiness ratings up and performing the offered tasks I had a lot better chance at winning each mission. The game is easy to play and simple enough to figure things out only a little searching around the interface and various icons in order to fully understand.

Level Complete

A few times disasters would change the game play and they looked good and added a variety that was nice to see like a tsunami and flood that would wash over parts of your island. The graphic effects were good and easily worked themselves into the gameplay to give an enjoyable aspect to the game without being corny or disruptive.

Tropico 4 Modern Times is a great game and one of those games that I will continue to play after the review for an enjoyable and fun to pick up and play city builder. I highly recommend Tropico 4 Modern Times for a fun city building simulator that is easy to pick up and play even if you have not played this type of game before.

Tropico 4 Modern Times Website