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Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends PS3

Test Drive takes to a specific race car manufacturer with Ferrari Racing Legends where you get to drive the whole line of legendary race cars from the beginning of the Ferrari racing history to the modern cars like the 150° Italia.

Graphics & Audio: 20/25,
Gameplay: 14/25, 
Creativity 15/25,
Fun 15/25 

Total: 64/100

Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends PS3

Slightly Mad Studios has released the next Test Drive game with Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends where you get to race up to 50 of the world’s most notable cars from legendary manufacturer Ferrari. The PlayStation 3 game handles well but Ferrari Racing Legends just puts too much emphasis on completing in the top of each race before allowing the player to move on to new cars and tracks.

Ferrari Racing Legends puts you behind the wheel of the Ferrari racing machines from the first 1947 125 s to the modern Formula race cars but it’s going to take a lot of work to reach the best cars. The game starts you off with a few unlocked models to get you started in each era but the better cars and a wider variety of tracks are only unlocked when you finish in the top three of each race.

I’m not a big fan of these closed course racing games as I have a bit of a hard time keeping up with the pack and getting ahead is near impossible if the race is hard. I like the open world of just racing around on my own and completing the course as I see fit so open world racing or off road rally is more my speed as long as I don’t have to qualify or place in the top three spots.

Thus begins my problems with Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends and having to place in the top three racing positions during the very first and subsequent races. If you don’t place in the top three you just have to keep trying over and over again until you do, this is not fair and not a fun way to start a full game.

I had a hard time from the start with trying to get anywhere in the game and finally said the heck with getting through all three parts of the campaign. The game just does not allow you enough leeway to get anywhere unless you are that good and very patient as some of the races will not be easy at all.

The campaign has three main sections with eras of the Ferrari from 1947 to 1973 being the Golden Era, 1974 to 1990 the Silver era and the Modern Era being 1990 to 2011. The two later eras are even less forgiving and fun but in the end you get a similar feel from all three sections with hardcore racing on a simulator that has arcade features.

The race tracks begin to blend together in a seemingly endless blur of turns, stands and the occasional barrier but you need to worry about those barriers. I started to have a hard time keeping off those hay bales and I did not get the rhythm of control as quickly as I have with other racing games.

I decided to check out what others were saying about the game when forward progress was very slow and found just about everyone else also complaining that the games difficulty was hard. The campaign does not get any easier the further along you get so having a good racing wheel and lots of patience will be required but solid racing is going to get you the furthest.

You also get a quick race feature and the multiplayer gaming but the quick race mode only has a few unlocked cars and tracks while the online multiplayer racing is iffy depending on others. There are not a lot of others racing online, not sure why but the difficulty may be part of it along with the fact of mixing car types and years for the online gaming.

Once you have unlocked cars and tracks the quick race gets more interesting but even then the race tracks are pretty common place once you have been on about ten of them. The multiplayer is just not all that interesting when you have to hunt to find someone else to race against and forget about finding more than just a couple.

I have been continuing to search for others to race against but I have only come across two other players in the last week so finding other racers to drive against may be quite an endeavor. The gameplay is pretty solid and I had no technical problems with Ferrari Racing Legends at all so the game is a good one from the standpoint of a solid program.

Graphics and sound were very good and you can change your view from a behind the wheel, front bumper to just above the car easily for the best view according to your particular taste. Sound is great and even those crashes give you a feel of being behind the wheel but too often I was not progressing as rapidly as I would have like so the graphics and audio were not all that important.

I just thought that it was too tough to really get anywhere in the game for the main section of the campaign and others do agree that it is just too tough to get ahead. Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends is not the big hit Atari had hoped for and is just another arcade/simulation racing game that is not balanced enough to make it worth more than a rental.

Ferrari Racing Legends @ Atari