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SOL: Exodus PC

SOL: Exodus is a space shooter simulation where you pilot futuristic space fighters trying to save your own hides along with fellow survivors of a dying Earth looking for a new home world only to find religious fanatics wanting to destroy humanity.

Graphics & Audio: 20/25,
Gameplay: 18/25, 
Creativity 18/25,
Fun 18/25 

Total: 74/100

SOL: Exodus PC

SOL: Exodus is a new space fighting simulation game from Seamless Entertainment that includes eight levels in the single player game but only costs $10. Sol Exodus follows a familiar story much like Battlestar Galactica where our solar system is dying and humanity moves to the stars to find a new home only to be followed by the religious fanatics that want humanity to die with their home planet.

SOL: Exodus starts with a simple tutorial with you discovering how your fighter ship works and a few simple target shots but moves quickly to the first real dogfights in space when attacking enemies find your mother ship. You have a mother ship where you dock for repairs when badly damaged but you can only do this during lulls in combat which is not too often.

SOL: Exodus does not play like a true to physics space simulation game but more like an arcade shooter where physics of inertia are tossed aside in deference to entertaining gameplay. You can perform some amazing tricks in space when inertia is laughed at like stopping on a dime or turning tail so fast that your enemy doesn’t even realize you left for repairs.

The game is short on levels and gameplay may be a bit repetitive, okay a lot repetitive but the game is fun and does make for an easy to pick up and play space shooter. I tried several levels numerous times because there are no in game saves so when you get further along in a level you need to keep an eye on damage and the chance to repair.

With games today costing sixty dollars and more it is nice to see a few companies releasing solid games that even continue support after the release with updates to improve the game and fix bugs. With no multiplayer option you are forced to just replay the set of levels but for a paltry ten dollars this is a great game and well worth taking a look at, or even waiting a bit for a sale on Steam.

Joystick and simple keyboard and mouse options are supported so you have your choice of controls but even the simplest keyboard and mouse setup works very well. SOL: Exodus may just throw wave after wave of the same enemies at you but you occasionally get an upgrade on your ship with more armor, faster reloads and afterburners to look forward to.

The game does veer slightly from the basic shooter with a mini game to hack enemies or fix friendlies using a simple memory puzzle that pops up from time to time but you can just as easily ignore it and continue fighting. I found the mini game more of a distraction than anything and just forgot it in deference to pounding my enemies or letting the poor soles on my side of the fight die with dignity.

SOL: Exodus does have enough to admire in a space shooter and looks much more like a top title than a ten dollar release by a smaller developer. The game had a few problems but currently the company is still updating it so the fixes are continuing to come even several months after release.

The game looks great and reminds me a lot of those much costlier games like Homeworld while actually looking better than a previous game I reviewed called Sword of the Stars. The graphics and textures are all well done and effects look very space movie realistic with plenty of flashy explosions to brighten your day.

The audio is also well done with lots of realistic bass and a good mix of instruments that remind me of space epic films like Star Wars and Star Trek. While not quite that quality the audio does not scream it only costs ten dollars which I just continue to find a great aspect.

According to Seamless Entertainment SOL: Exodus is only the first part of the full game story so I for one am anxiously awaiting the second part to see if they add some more fun arcade space shooting. I highly recommend SOL Exodus for a quick space arcade game that is enough of a distraction and fun to pick up and play without bothering you with silly back story setups or complex upgrade systems.

SOL: Exodus Website