Rage PC

Rage on the PC is a role playing first person shooter from Bethesda Softworks and ID Software that looks great but runs more like an RPG game with its distinct areas of gameplay.

Graphics & Audio: 24/25,
Gameplay: 20/25, 
Creativity 20/25,
Fun 20/25 

Total: 84/100

Rage PC

Rage for the PC is a role playing first person shooter action game that has some features of both genres like weapon building and distinct fighting areas among a larger wasteland. The theme of Rage and main story puts you as a survivor from an impending meteor strike left alone due to mechanical failure in the survival ark to discover the new world outside.

Before a meteor strikes the earth important people are put into suspended animation in arks around the world but when you wake up you find all the others in your survival pod have died. You rush out of the ark to find a new and wasted land filled with mostly normal people trying to survive among mutants and tyrants.

You first face a couple of mutants but are rescued by a local voiced surprisingly by John Goodman of Rosanne fame as a local settlement owner. Dan, John Goodman, tells you that the Authority is after him and the other Ark survivors for some unknown reason and gives you a reason to trust him.

Dan has a few jobs for you so it’s off to the role playing part of Rage going to various areas and running into more mutants and others to collect objects and weapons while performing missions. After several specific tasks you meet a scientist that used to work for the Authority and learn some more about the experiments that resulted in the mutants and other plans for survivors of the Arks.

You travel between missions using various vehicles and do a lot of run and gunning while not in specific missions which brings up the general gameplay and game engine. Rage is almost identical to other role playing games in general gameplay due to the game engine and the two distinct areas you play in.

Much like Fallout and even Far Cry 2 you have a different feel in the game than other first person shooters with its clear cut two area gameplay. First person shooters have a level design without different gameplay areas while role playing games have a two area feel with one area more wide open and used for mostly travel.

Rage does well with its first person shooting but it does feel much more like a role playing game with this distinct two area gameplay. Starting from the beginning you get to roam and shoot your way through several levels that get increasingly more difficult but you also collect a lot of junk that becomes useful.

You have a slew of weapons to collect but you also get the chance to make your own ammunition and modify weapons for additional fun and better gameplay. During the larger vehicle scenes you also get your chance to shoot, the run and gun sections as I like to call them, which are also satisfying.

The vehicles will change often from open chassis of a four wheeler to heavily armored truck but the heavier the armor the more fighting you will have to deal with. The open areas are fun but after a while they tend to become a bit monotonous with its similarity from one run to the next.

Rage does a good job of mixing the larger vehicle fighting with the close in shooter action which tends to be a bit more exciting with its nimble enemies. In the first person shooter areas you have a time of it with enemies jumping and careening off the walls and scattered clutter as they try to evade your bullets.

The AI is very good and even when enemies are less than adequately armed they offer a challenge to your aiming ability as they jump and bounce around. Getting hits becomes a lesson in shooting the jack rabbit as the mutants do jump about a lot and get worse the further along you get.

The weapons offer a great feel with good solid sound and well performed if a bit over the top impact like hits with shotguns that propel the enemies or parts of the enemies backward. Hits by most weapons have a good visual impact on the target that sometimes can be movie like in its look but not unsatisfying.

Using the weapon and item building you can modify weapons and ammunition to create unusual and even better weapons that add to the role playing aspects of Rage. Rage does have a lot more visual appeal and not just from weapons and hits with great looking landscapes and pretty good looking enemies.

The games visual appeal and scenery is not all that different from Fallout but with distinct differences especially in enemies and characters but not much in the general landscape. If you enjoyed Fallout or one of its sequels Rage will continue the same type of fun and shooter gaming that this type of game specializes in.

Sound is also very well done with a little over the top effects on weapons and discharges, weapons do sound a bit louder but other sounds are equally satisfying. Surround sound works well and the game in general sounds great with good voice acting and well done effects throughout.

Multiplayer gaming in Rage is an area that is hit and miss, the online multiplayer is broken down between vehicle combat against others in a capture game and coop play. You can duke it out with others online but only in vehicle combat with an unlock system for better weapons like mortars and pulse cannons.

During the vehicle gameplay you can kill opponents to capture their points as you race to capture points around the map in your vehicle. This is a pretty decent multiplayer game but it gets old quickly when the game does not vary much in unlocks or any kind of leveling like current multiplayer games have.

The coop gameplay is a simple run through with another player on missions during the single player gaming but only the missions and not the intervening large open areas mostly in vehicles. The coop play is fun but the matchmaking is a bit hit or miss, you may have to wait awhile for others to join your gameplay.

I did find several people to coop play with but at times had to wait up to ten or fifteen minutes, mostly during the day but in the evenings it seems more players are available. You can play the coop play with friends and list them for easier ways to join them on the missions as well as let the game match you with others wanting to play.

The coop play is better than the single player as you have another conscious person helping to blast away the enemies but even then things don’t play the same when you play against other real opponents instead of AI. Rage does have enough gameplay that is interesting and fun with the single player and the multiplayer gaming but the multiplayer is a bit limited.

While Rage does have first person shooting it does play more like a role playing game for some fast paced vehicle combat along with the first person shooting in missions. Rage is a fun game and well worth a look for fans of role playing games much like Fallout and Far Cry 2.

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