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Prototype 2 PS3

Prototype 2 continues right on the heels of the first game and is a sequel without any breaks continuing the fight against the Blacklight virus and the people behind using citizens as experiments.

Graphics & Audio: 18/25,
Gameplay: 19/25, 
Creativity 15/25,
Fun 15/25 

Total: 67/100

Prototype 2 PS3

Prototype was an action adventure in an open world released in 2009 that had protagonist Alex Mercer becoming infected with a virus that turns him into a killing machine able to consume people to gain their abilities and memories. Alex went on a rampage trying to stop a corporation called Gentek from experimenting with a virus and using an entire city as its guinea pigs.

Prototype 2 follows the same story line with a soldier from the end of the first games plot that was chasing Alex Mercer and infected by the virus that Mercer released now taking center stage. You play James Heller, a soldier whose family was killed by the virus and now is chasing Mercer down for revenge but over the course of the game Mercer continues to slip out of Heller’s grasp.

The plot is familiar with trying to get revenge and even cut scenes with disorienting shots of people experimenting on others or several photos montaged together that are becoming old hat. Prototype 2 can be fun but it has very little that is original with much of the gameplay and even the cut scene types similar to other video games.

Other than a similar storyline and gameplay you also have a few graphics that are not all that great with many of the special moves and effects looking a bit thrown together. I just did not like many of the effects and small animations that the game uses when your character is consuming others because it looks pretty messy.

The effect for consuming is a swirl of reds and blacks that are indistinct and not really looking like a specific effect that is created but something just swirled together to make it look kind of cool and gruesome at the same time. The effects for consuming just do not look all that great which is a shame because so much of your time is going to spent regaining health by consuming people.

Most of the games objectives can be summed up as going to a particular spot, getting in and consuming a soldier or main character and finding out what you are supposed to do next. Usually you simply leave the area whether under alert or with a little luck sneaking out and on to more of the same with some leveling up and new attacks here and there. 

The first few levels are simply tutorials to get you using the various combination attacks and moves like running up walls and consuming people. Consuming is an attack that combines taking their life force to raise your energy level with killing them in some gruesome manner and is a main part of the game so you have to use it often to stay alive.

Throughout the game you are trying to find out who Mercer was and what is going on with the so called virus and the company that is working on the virus called Gentek. Mostly it’s just going in with a Father that Heller knew and admired that just happens to know more about the situation than any church leader should.

Father Guerra is the face behind the missions and the one telling the player what to do next and where to go to accomplish the missions but he’s mostly just a boss to listen to and get your next objective from. Gameplay for the actual meat of the game is simple button mashing and figuring out which tactic will work on what boss and situation from one scene to the next.

Some tricks and situations will require different approaches and tactics but for most part simple brute force works well enough like just going around and stomping the tanks. Boss fights will require either internet searching to find out the tactic that works best or trial and error with deaths and restarts to figure out how to dispatch the current monster.

Filling up your health meter can be easy when not in a hot combat zone simply by finding loners in small spaces where you can consume them without guards or others alerting about your presence. During the game a technique with red waves creates a hunting ability but it really is a way for the game to show your next objective as long as it’s a person who you can consume.

Using weapons like guns or rocket launchers is difficult due to aiming issues so it’s easier to just stomp things into submission, ever stomp an armored personnel carrier to destroy it? I find third person games often make aiming difficult and using a mouse and controller like ones from Splitfish can be helpful for the most part.

Some of the games boss fights require you to use rocket launchers and I did have a hard time getting through these parts because of the poor aiming the game uses. Prototype 2 has no multiplayer component but it is an open world game and once the main story line is completed you can try your luck at side missions and higher difficulties.

The main story is a bit plodding and repetitive but it is fun enough to go through once if you like action adventure games but the game does have pretty unimaginative objectives. Prototype 2 is a decent enough game on the PS3 but I have seen many similar games and really hope developers would put more thought into some new types of objectives for future games.

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