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Marvel Pinball 3D 3DS

Zen Studios brings pinball to the Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming system with four Marvel comic legends as tables for arcade style action old school.

Graphics & Audio: 20/25,
Gameplay: 18/25, 
Creativity 20/25,
Fun 16/25 

Total: 74/100

Marvel Pinball 3D 3DS

Marvel Pinball 3D on the Nintendo 3DS offers gamers the chance to play pinball on the handheld gaming system from what I can only describe as legendary pinball video game developer Zen Studios. The Nintendo 3d version can be played with up to four players and has four tables from the Marvel Comics universe including The Invincible Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Captain America and Blade.

Each table offers single player and hot seat or multiplayer gaming between two, three and four players which is a refreshing change for handheld systems because you don’t need another gaming system to play multiple players. The reason they call it hot seat is probably because you have to pass the handheld between players and the second bottom screen will let you know when it is time to pass the game to someone else.

The game is setup with the pinball table on the top 3 dimensional screen with score and other information on the bottom screen but the top screen is small for this type of game. This would be my only problem and why this game would not get a better score, the screen is just too small to really enjoy the game fully.

You still get the fast action and realistic physics that pinball offers and Zen Studios has done an excellent job of recreating the fast action of real pinball. The tables do offer a variety of styles with popular comic themes but you will probably find one that is more to your liking as I did.

The games are easy to play with menu choices and other functions when not in the games using your direction pads and buttons while the two right and left buttons are your main flipper buttons. The in game feature of rotating through views allows you a fuller or more direct view as well as ones that follow the ball a bit more or less for a variety of views.

The views really matter a lot on preference and is one of the only saving features given the size of the table in comparison to the screen size. The first few view choices only give you the whole table but a few of the views will follow the ball slightly and a couple of the views give a more tilted view closer to the bottom of the table by the flippers.

Players will no doubt find a view they favor and stick with that so the eight options really offer enough variety for a wide range of player options. The games graphics are great and you really have a ramped up game with the handheld version of pinball versus those old tables featured in arcades and restaurants of days gone by.

The games all feature some sort of awards with four trophies but you also get an occasional interaction from the small figures each table has but each are different according to the tables. Some of the characters fight each other while others will interact with your ball when it hits a specific target or pit so there is more action than just pinball.

The games are easy to figure out but the Marvel Pinball website also has helpful table guides so you can study and figure out in larger detail about the features of the four tables. The 3DS Marvel Pinball 3D game is downloaded for $8 so you will not get a manual but the site does offer the table guides which you can save to your computer or print out for handy reference. 

Leaderboards, high scores by table and trophies are all available on each table menu and you can see your ranking compared to other players. The trophies offer four per table for a decent amount of challenge to work toward earning them but for some people it may just be an accident you get some.

Playing pinball has always been a toss-up of quick reflexes and even faster choices with aiming the ball so if you don’t have the reflexes needed some of the trophies may be a long time in earning. I do like the fact that you not only have an on screen leaderboard and some type of trophy system as well as available helps in the websites table explanations.

Marvel Pinball 3D does offer enough challenge and quick pick up and play action that this game will surely be a hit as many of the other games from Zen Studios have been. I highly recommend Marvel Pinball 3D for the Nintendo 3DS for a fun and challenging game that is fast and easy to play but with enough challenge to have a good lasting appeal.

Marvel Pinball Website