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Crazy Machines 2 now has 6 add-on packs with the newest Invaders From Space adding 7 levels and 10 new items, if you want to call a bouncy alien blob an item, for additional fun with Crazy Machines and puzzle solving adventures.

Graphics & Audio: 22/25,
Gameplay: 23/25, 
Creativity 23/25,
Fun 23/25 

Total: 91/100

Crazy Machines 2 Invaders from Space Add-On PC

Crazy Machines 2 continues the fun world of building contraptions to solve specific problems on each game board that involves the placement of items to complete a Rube Goldberg type series of events. Invaders From Space is an add-on for Crazy Machines 2 and does require that you have the base game of Crazy Machines 2 to play.

At the start of each level you are given a specific goal and have select pieces to solve that goal but it is not as simple as placing the items in the right spot. Until you get used to the game and find out that some pieces are more than they appear and have special abilities you may be a bit confused as to a solution.

Some pieces are electric or have other factors like plumbing and require others items to work like connecting a generator to a light using a power cord. Some pieces like robots have lasers that move them when shined on their heads or parts like switches that need bases in order to work.

Many of the pieces are just what they appear, simple objects that can be stuck to the board or simply act using the general laws of the universe and physics, i.e. a ball will drop when it is not on a flat surface holding it up. Each object acts just like you would expect in the real world unless you are talking about the world of Invaders From Space where one of the puzzles uses a moon for additional gravity.

The additional puzzles of Invaders From Space give a decent enough bonus but the additional items can be used in your own puzzles using the Player Labs to make your own levels. You can share these levels and try other player’s levels online by sharing so there are more than just the seven levels to play.

I received the Steam version of the game through a Steam download and the add-on simply integrates the additional levels into the main menu. The items of the add-on are also integrated into the Player Lab for use in creating your own puzzles so when you download and install the game it integrates without problems.  

Graphics and audio are very good with excellent physics and no problems what so ever in all the game but the menus and first parts of the game getting into your actual add-on pack or the other games can be a bit confusing the first time you play. You have to click through a couple of rooms to get to your game menus and you may be confused with what to do but a little exploring with the mouse and cursor will find your way through to where you need to go.

Crazy Machines 2 has about 150 experiments but when you buy the game and download all the updates you will get treated to some additional levels from Phys-X by Nvidia. The Add-Ons will give you not only new experiments with the Invaders From Space adding in 7 levels but also gives new devices to use in building your own puzzles.

I highly recommend Crazy Machines 2 Invaders From Space as a great way to open up more adventure and mind challenging puzzles for fun computer gaming which only costs $3. Crazy Machines 2 has plenty of add-ons and experiments as well as being able to build your own puzzles so the base game and other add-ons make a great purchase for literally hours upon hours of fun.

Crazy Machines 2 Website

Crazy Machines 2 Invaders From Space @ Steam