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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive PC

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the fourth game in the Counter-Strike franchise from Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment which pits players against each other in multiplayer online shooting.

Graphics & Audio: 16/25,
Gameplay: 16/25, 
Creativity 8/25,
Fun 18/25 

Total: 58/100

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive PC

Counter-Strike released in 2000 as a modification of the popular Half-Life game from Valve Software where players sided on a team to be terrorists or counter-terrorists. Players were tasked with planting or defusing a bomb, dealing with hostages or protecting a VIP during the short online multiplayer games.

The game brought plenty of excitement along with some of gaming’s greatest competitive game styles that still run tournaments today. After a few releases Valve and now with Hidden Path Entertainment has released their fourth game but the gameplay and tasks you are performing are the same as that first release for the most part.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive keeps close to the gameplay that multiplayer first person shooters enjoy but creators have updated the graphics, physics and added a couple of game modes. The general play of terrorist and counter-terrorist stayed the same with buying weapons for two game modes or just being given your first weapons and matching teams to perform specific goals during each match.

Global Offensive is one of those rare releases that players are either going to look forward to and enjoy or forget because it is just too similar to the original game. Global Offensive has the same game modes with bomb defuse and hostage with a new mode of simple death match but with better or worse weapons every time you make a kill.

The new Counter-Strike game includes eight new maps along with eight maps from the previous games which makes the whole thing seem more like downloadable content packs that companies have recently been selling. Global Offensive is almost exactly like the previous editions of the Counter-Strike with players roaming smaller maps trying to either kill the other team or finish the main objective of each game mode.

The graphics and general look of the game has been updated but it is still out dated because the game uses the older game engine called Source that was created back in 2004. Global Offensive uses the similar weapon and character models of the previous games with a few new tweaks and looks but also almost like the previous games.

Effects in the game also look pretty outdated but are good enough that the game works which is a kind of a joke as the game has actually been out long enough to get it working pretty well. With a game that is basically the same with a couple new modes and some new textures the game should work almost perfectly but there have been some problems with the initial release.

Server problems with joining and getting dropped are fairly common but the game plays pretty well for the most part as you would expect. The audio also works well without making itself too intrusive on your gaming but has really good realistic sound effects for guns and grenades.

Global Offensive has a Bot match system where you can practice or have some fun against AI controlled enemies that allow you to play any of the multiplayer games for some practice. You can use the server system to find a match or simply use the quick match buttons to find a match by game mode for easy entry into matches.

Global Offensive costs $15 and is available for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 which is where many new players are probably going to be found. The previous game was only available on the personal computer so gamers of the various systems can now join in on the fun if they want.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is pretty decent but you have to be a fan or never have played it if you’re going to spend another $15 for a game that is merely tweaked and improved for a purchase. Global Strike seems to be more a cashing in on a good thing than a serious try at a new game so your gaming mileage will vary according to your personal tastes.

After playing Global Offensive for a few hours I find that the game simply boils down to a couple new game modes but basically just a few tweaks to help improve a dated game. I would skip Counter-Strike: Global Offensive unless you like the game a lot and want some new maps and game modes to break up your gameplay.

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