Bejeweled 3 NDS & 3DS

The 3rd release of the classic puzzle gem matching game now hits the Nintendo DS and 3DS hand held consoles, Bejeweled 3 on the Nintendo 3DS continues to be a fast paced and addictive classic.

Graphics & Audio: 23/25,
Gameplay: 24/25, 
Creativity 21/25,
Fun 25/25
Total: 93/100

Bejeweled 3 NDS & 3DS

Bejeweled 3 is the classic gem matching puzzle game and has now released for the Nintendo DS and 3DS handheld system with the same addictive gameplay as the PC and MAC version. Bejeweled 3 on the Nintendo DS and 3DS is a single player puzzle game with the same game types and addictive gameplay as the PC version but on the handheld system.

The games four main modes of Classic, Zen, Lightning and Quest modes that hit the PC and other versions with the unlockable modes of Poker and Butterflies are all here. You can still jump into the four main modes but the two secondary modes of Poker and Butterflies require a specific score to unlock the modes.

Classic is the main game from previous versions of Bejeweled where a board of gems have gems dropping in from the top to replace gems you match by swapping two gems either up and down or horizontally. You only need to match three gems but matching four and more gems in a row gives you bonus gems like a flame gem for four in a row.

The bonus gems allow you to knock even more gems off the board when they are matched giving you extra points as well but that is not the end of this fun game. Yu have unlockable achievements which are mainly bragging rights as well as two game modes of Poker and Butterflies to unlock.

Poker is what you would expect; matching gems to give you a poker hand while Butterflies has you trying to stop little butterflies from reaching the top of the board. The PC version and the Nintendo DS 3DS versions are identical in game play and modes so there is no real difference other than portability on the handheld version.

The game has the same addictive puzzle gaming and you get the ability to shut off the game and continue later just like the PC version as well. I did not find any difference between versions but the handheld does offer the chance to play on the go, using the 3DS handheld version does not offer any 3 dimensional difference to the game either.

The games main menus and board screen are all in two dimensions and the Nintendo 3DS does not change the game at all compared to using the Nintendo DS. The board is on the lower screen on the 3DS just like the Nintendo DS and the upper screen is your score board so the use of 3 dimensions would not help at all.

Audio is pretty basic with the common theme music and some added sounds for some modes but no voice or announcer track like the PC version has. Some of the ambient sounds of the Zen mode like rainfall does not exactly sound like rain but the overall theme music is pretty good.

Bejeweled 3 on the Nintendo 3DS worked very well and is a nice way to take your fun gaming with you wherever you go, I highly recommend Bejeweled 3 for the Nintendo DS or 3DS system. The Nintendo DS/3DS version of Bejeweled 3 is a fantastic game and well worth the cost of $20 for this fun and addictive puzzle game on the go.

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