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Trying to capitalize on the upcoming release of 007’s newest film Skyfall and the anniversary of the James Bond film releases going back to 1962 007 Legends releases on consoles and PC but the game just does not live up to the reputation that Bond deserves.

Graphics & Audio: 14/25,
Gameplay: 10/25, 
Creativity 8/25,
Fun 8/25 

Total: 40/100

007 Legends PS3

Ian Fleming is rolling in his grave and trying to shoot the makers of this video game but failing that we can only put this on the shelf and hope it quickly dies away. The newest Bond video game 007 Legends has hit store shelves to thunderous silence as the video game tries to retell several bond stories but in the likeness of Daniel Craig.

The silence comes from astounded players and reviewers who are waiting in earnest to see the iconic moments of Bond but only gets common forgettable gameplay and linear levels. AI is atrocious with common zombie like path following and almost dodge able gun fire that makes the game pretty bad for such a popular series.

007 Legends has a five chapter single player mode that follows five of the hottest films of Bond; Goldfinger, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Moonraker, License to Kill and Die Another Day. One problem is they use the newest Bond actor Daniel Craig to portray Bond for the the older film levels and you get to play with modern gadgets as well.

The first inkling, past the character of Daniel Craig, is the cell phone laying on the floor in that iconic scene of Goldfinger with poor Jill Masterson decked out in gold lying on the bed. From here it’s one bad reconstruction after another as you plod through five films of Bond in the character of Daniel Craig but you get to use modern gadgets throughout.

The first person shooter has you taking the spy thing to new heights as you try to trick and sneak your way through levels but problems arise at the very start with poor mechanics and a jumpy plot. Failure to move bodies after a kill, zombie like AI, boring boss fights and failure to follow the plot of the original movies is the main problems with 007 Legends but others creep in here and there.

I could handle several of the problems to start but when missions include stealth and require no noticeable noise or those telltale dad bodies. You need to be able to move those bodies or they start to pile up like warning flares along a highway accident scene but you can’t budge them an inch.

Other features make the gameplay a bit too easy for a shooter after you get through the stealth sections but the AI leaves a lot to be desired to say the least. The AI pits walking dead enemies against you which makes taking out dozens of bad guys easy and without much difficulty.

You can actually stand near the beginning of levels and wait for most of the enemies to come your way to knock them out one by one with careful shots as they lumber toward you. The levels are so linear and straightforward that you get no chance to do any real sneaking around other than when the game requires it and then it’s more up to luck to finish the section.

You have to guess where a good place to knock off each opponent will be and hope that others do not find the body until you are along far enough not trip the alarms for that section. This type of failure to include specific mechanics is one area that Legends just fails at but the entire plot is also very wishy washy and hard to follow.

If you are a James Bond fan and have followed the films through the years the plot is still difficult to keep up with because they are not in chronological order. The plot has you basically running through levels killing off everything in sight until the final boss fight with the top bad guy of each film.

The single player campaign is lackluster and does not capture the James Bond flair or style at all and is more of a disappointment than anything. Multiplayer gaming would be alright but with so many better offerings out there already you have less of a reason to bother with this title.

One odd side note is the last mission of the game from the current Bond Skyfall will be a download later on presumably to not give away the plot of the film. While this is odd it does not really matter much as not many people will go out of their way to play this game and fewer will probably pick it up in the upcoming weeks or months to go after the last bit.

Legends uses the older game engine used in GoldenEye 007 Reloaded so the graphics and look of the game is not much of a problem other than being a bit simplistic with textures. There are no really detailed scenes and most of the levels are almost forgettable in their layout but most notable is the use of repeated rooms and areas.

You actually wander through rooms that are almost identical to the previous ones in one level for a failure in imagination by level designers. The game just fails on so many levels that it is a disappointment all around even if sound and voice works as well as graphics.

While I could continue to badger 007 Legends and find more faults I will leave it with a poor game that deserves to be left on the shelf and forgotten, this is not worth even renting.

007 Legends Website