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Purple Cows Sizzle & Melt Craft Irons

Try your hand at jewelry making, wood burning, wax artwork and more with several kits from Purple Cows including the Melt Dual Temperature Craft Iron and Sizzle Dual Temperature Craft Iron.

Ease of Use, Performance: 23/25
Look & Feel: 22/25
Features 20/25
How much I enjoy 20/25

Total: 85/100

Sizzle Craft Iron

Purple Cows is a craft product manufacturer that specializes in brightly colored trimmers, scrapbooking tools and soldering and melting tools to name a few. The company has a unique product theme featuring a purple color for many of their products which really makes the company stand out when looking for their products.

The Sizzle and Melt lines of crafting tools are hot irons that both have a full set of included iron tips with other tip sets for specific crafting techniques also available. The Sizzle and Melt irons I received both have dual temperatures using a switch on the handle and both are designed almost identically but for differing temperatures.

The Sizzle Dual Temperature Craft Iron comes with the iron, a stand and six iron tips for various crafting including wood burning and even cutting using the craft blade tip. The Sizzle Craft Iron is the hotter of the two irons the company sells with temperatures around 925 degrees Fahrenheit and 650 degrees Fahrenheit.

Soldering w/ Sizzle

The Sizzle Craft Iron is great for jewelry and soldering at this higher temperature and can melt solder and affix metal components as long as they are not too large. Soldering jewelry and making items using solder is an art form itself and takes a lot of practice but you can work on things like washers for practice.

You can also use the higher temperature craft iron for working with stained glass on a smaller scale, wood or leather burning, cutting and sealing foam, plastic and other synthetic textiles as well as fusing fabrics. The Sizzle iron comes with six tips that include the universal, mini trowel, mini flow, taper, hot knife and button flat tip.

The Sizzle is a great higher temp craft iron and you can use one of the many extra tip kits to really widen the scope of crafts you can work on with the craft iron. The other craft iron Purple Cows has is the lower temperature Melt Dual Temperature Craft Iron that also comes with six tips unique for various crafting projects.

Melt Craft Iron

The Melt Craft Iron comes with the iron that has two temperatures of 450 degrees and 300 degrees Fahrenheit, a stand along with six tips for the more gentle melting and light branding. The Melt Craft Iron comes with a mini iron, wire brush, mini flow, wax pen, taper and chisel tips that are great for use with wax, leathers and even paper.

The lower temperatures of the Melt craft iron make possible crafting techniques like painting and writing with encaustic wax, light branding and wood or leather burning, and textile fusing. The craft iron makes a great companion to the higher temperature iron for a wide range of crafting projects and both irons cost about the same at $29.95.

Both irons are almost identical with a dual position switch on the body and a rubber front control grip near the bell shaped end for protection and control. The iron shaft has a bell shaped heat shield to direct the heat away from your hand while both kits have a stand to help prevent burning of your work surface.

Artistic Branding Kits

You should always work on a heat resistant surface like a granite slab which you can easily buy from a stone monument or grave marker company. We have found a few stone companies that sell pieces for use in crafting like leather working or soldering as well as for landscaping.  

Purple Cows also sells several kits that can go with either craft iron but some of the kits are more appropriate for the higher or lower temperature iron. The Artistic Tip 8 Pack includes eight tips for use with either craft iron that works best for general branding or burning as well as general fusing and intricate work.

The Branding Tip 10 Pack includes 10 branding tips that are designed for pressing down and branding or melting as well as leather branding or wood burning. The tips are patterned to give a unique design and can be used both as press on and moved in different directions to create various designs.

Solder & Wax Kits

The Encaustic Wax kit includes tips that are specialized for work with wax that is blended with beeswax, resin and pigment for various crafting techniques but is best with the lower temperature iron. You can draw or paint using melted wax as well as create unique scrapbooking or other crafting projects using Purple Cows kits of various wax colors.

The Solder Kit includes a solder tip, copper craft tape and a roll of lead free solder for use in soldering jewelry or other soldering projects. A current craft project my wife is working on is creating a fairy garden which will include pint sized outdoor furniture like a bench made from copper.

While she has only been practicing with soldering she is getting used to the craft irons and using them more for the buildings and creating wood burned highlights to the small buildings. The craft irons work well and are easy to control with the contoured handles that also help to keep the tip off your work surface but you should try to use the stands.

Wood Burning

The four tip kits all cost about $15 while the encaustic wax kit costs a little more at about $20 so the kits are not too pricey compared to the irons themselves. The craft irons are not expensive and have plenty of tips themselves for basic work and crafting but the additional kits can add to your crafting potential.

I highly recommend the Purple Cows craft irons for high and low temperature crafting along with the tip kits for your specific crafting needs.

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