Power A Nintendo 3DS Excursion Starter Kit

The Excursion Starter Kit from Power A for the Nintendo 3DS is the perfect carry case with all the accessories you need for the newest handheld gaming console for mobile and at home entertainment.

Ease of Use, Performance: 20/25
Look & Feel: 21/25
Features 21/25
How much I enjoy 20/25

Total: 82/100

Power A Nintendo 3DS Excursion Starter Kit

The kit that contains everything you need is the Excursion Starter Kit from Power A, the perfect carry case and accessory kit for your Nintendo 3DS. Power A manufactures a wide variety of console and gaming accessories including carry cases and accessory kits for the Nintendo 3DS.

The Excursion Starter Kit contains the semi hard cushioned case, car power adapter, ear buds, 2 screen protectors, cleaning cloth, the executive stylus and two replacement stylus. The case has a spot for the Nintendo 3DS, two empty mesh pockets, 12 pockets for Nintendo 3DS games, mesh pockets for the power adapter and the ear buds along with another pocket for the cleaning cloth.

The case has a semi hard plastic outer shell with a center divider that separates the two areas of the three pockets and the two pockets with the handheld area. The Nintendo 3DS is protected by a molded cushioning around it that also helps hold it into the carry case and keep it from moving around when the case is closed.

Whats in the Box

The divider also has the twelve spots for games made by three strips of inch and a half wide stretch elastic sewn into pockets. The mesh pockets of the Power A Excursion case each has a band of elastic across the top to help keep things inside the pockets that also creates a contoured pocket.

The carry case makes a great way to carry and store your Nintendo 3DS along with all your games and accessories but that is not all that comes with this great kit. The ear buds work pretty well but are not the best ones out there, they will do until you can purchase better ones or for kids who are not quit as picky about sound quality.

The screen protectors are great and those clingy plastic sheets that rub onto your screens to protect them from scratching over time are easy to install as well as being cut to the correct size. The Power A kit also comes with the general power adapter for use in a 12 volt outlet common on automobiles for easy charging while on trips.

Nintendo 3DS in Excursion Kit

You get two styluses, styli?, that are the same in body smaller stylus found on the Nintendo 3DS as well as the Executive stylus that works like a regular pen. The Executive Stylus is the main reason, aside from wanting to review a general carry case, for wanting this specific model of Power A accessory kits.

The Executive Stylus is a regular pen with retractable cartridge that replaces the ink cartridge of pens with a stylus tip for use on touch screens. I find the Executive Stylus a fantastic part of the kit and use it not only on the Nintendo 3DS but also on my tablet touch screens as well as my drawing tablets.

I really looked for a separate touch screen pen like this and beyond the expensive ones available mostly designed for the iPad I did not find that many. The Excursion Starter Kit really is a great carry case and all the accessories you need for the Nintendo 3DS for both kids and adults are here.

Mesh Pouches & Game Divider

While the ear buds included are not the best I found you could stand to use them but they are not as good as more dedicated ear buds that cost more. For kids they will work just fine but for young adults and older people with more discerning taste a new set will probably be added to the kit in the future if you don’t already have better ones.

Other than this the Excursion Starter Kit is the perfect purchase for the Nintendo 3DS to help get the handheld protected and in order while on the road or away from home. The kit also keeps things in order while at home so you know where all your various games and accessories are.

Power A products are available on the internet as well as local stores like Wal-Mart, Best Buy and ToysRUs with the Excursion Starter kit costing about $40. I highly recommend the Excursion Starter Kit for anyone wanting to protect their Nintendo 3DS as well as the great accessories including the stylus pen.

Excursion Starter Kit Package

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