Penguin United Eagle Eye Converter for PS3

The Eagle Eye Converter from Penguin United connects your PlayStation 3 with a common USB keyboard and mouse to allow controls of a PC to work in your PS3 games.

Ease of Use, Performance: 24/25
Look & Feel: 24/25
Features 23/25
How much I enjoy 24/25

Total: 95/100

Penguin United Eagle Eye Converter for PS3

I am a PC gaming enthusiast; I started writing by reviewing games on a gaming website back in 2005 and have since reviewed more than my share of video games on all the current consoles. I still cannot get used to the controllers of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for gaming, especially for first person shooters which I really enjoy.

My problem with the controllers is I like the precision that a mouse gives in aiming and am just used to the mouse and keyboard for most of my video gaming. I have gotten used to and have used both the Xbox 360 and SixAxis controllers for many games but still prefer the mouse and keyboard when I am gaming for fun and reviews.

First person shooters are the main games I use with a mouse and keyboard but for some like flight simulators and platforming games the controller can have its advantages. When I do want to game on the PS3 in a first person shooter I used to reach for my mouse and controller but recently found I could no longer game with the FragFX from SplitFish.

Since the recent update of the PlayStation 3 and the failure of SplitFish to continue to update their FragFX controller I was left out of gaming with the FragFX controller I had been using. SplitFish was in the process of making a new PS3 mouse and movement controller and were not going to continue to update their old controller to continue working with new PlayStation 3 updates.

Whats in the Box

I had been using the FragFX for all my PS3 gaming when I wanted but it no longer worked after I unwittingly updated my PS3 beyond what the FragFX was going to support. To their credit SplitFish did offer customers who own the FragFX a discount for the second version they came out with, I like that.

Penguin United has a product that does something a bit different than the FragFX product which is a mouse and controller that plugs directly into the PS3 for controlling your games. The Eagle Eye connects you mouse and keyboard to the PS3 which allows you to connect a wide variety of mice and keyboards to your PS3.

The Eagle Eye is a simple device to look at but there is a lot going on under the hood of this small device, the converter connects mouse and keyboard to your PlayStation 3. The Eagle Eye program assigns all buttons of the Sixaxis controller to whatever you want on your mouse and keyboard from your computer.

Aside from a few function keys and some you would not want to use the keyboard is wide open for you to use to assign any button from your controller to. You only use your computer to program the converter and then disconnect it from your PC and connect the converter with mouse and keyboard to the PS3.

Eagle Eye Converter Program

You can connect a wide variety of mice and keyboards but you cannot use a wireless one and more complex devices may not work as well. There is a list of mice and keyboards at Penguin United and users frequently post ones that do work and more common ones will as you would expect.

By default the Eagle Eye has six functions keys assigned to calibration and the rest are open to allow you to assign what you want from your computer. The Eagle Eye comes with the driver disc and a simple instruction sheet along with the USB connected Eagle Eye Converter.

To first start using the converter you need to have the buttons you want to assign from your controller and game in hand, usually from the game manual but you can just pop the game in and look at the options menu. I tried this and it worked fine for a game I purchased used that did not have a game manual, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2.

To assign buttons you simply plug the Eagle Eye into your Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 32 bit computer, install drivers and open the program that has a picture of the PS3 controller and blanks. Each blank spot is clickable and you simply press the mouse or keyboard button you want to assign to each PS3 controller button, common aiming is automatically assigned to the mouse movement.

Controls & Connections

The F1 through F6 keys are already assigned so you can’t use them but any others can be used to assign a button of the controller to a mouse and keyboard buttons. If you noticed a few sentences earlier I did state that 32 bit computers are the requirement for the PC assignment, Penguin United does not yet have 64 bit compatible software but they are working on it.

Once you have each blank including the combo blanks of the controller assigned you should save your button assignments and then send these to the Eagle Eye Converter. To start using it you unplug the Eagle Eye from your PC and plug it into your PlayStation 3 console, then plug in a mouse and keyboard.

The Eagle Eye has a Play/Program switch on the bottom, a Keymap 1 and Keymap 2 button on top and a set of Turbo buttons that increase the number of presses for each time you press the button. The Turbo is almost a cheat, for each single press of the keyboard or mouse button several will register when you hit the buttons you have assigned and will continue as long as you press that button.

Once you’re game is running on your PS3 you can fine tune the dead zones and sensitivity of the control setup using those F1 through F6 keys and then save those back to your PC. This allows you to load them at a later time for that game and with two key mappings you can save two sets for those two games and switch between games using two separate control schemes.

Not only do you have two key mappings for two games but you also have the four combo buttons in each for those complex button assignments like hitting combo punches in games. These are also easy to set up and use but all is not roses for the Eagle Eye in every game, I did have to use the Sixaxis controller in one game that I tested.

In Killzone 2 you have this combination of gripping a wheel and then turning the Sixaxis controller to get the valve wheel turned but you cannot do this with the Eagle Eye Converter and your mouse keyboard setup. You can easily grab your Sixaxis controller, change the controller back to 1 and do the motion then change it back to continue using your mouse and keyboard.

This was the only drawback to the Eagle Eye Converter that I could find, not every single thing games do with the PlayStation controller can be copied with the mouse and keyboard. All other general fighting, shooting and platforming that I came across was very easy to do in the several games I tried including Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, Killzone 2, Assassins Creed Brotherhood and Medal of Honor.

I had no problems with all these games and really did have an easier time using my mouse and keyboard for all of them but not all games are going to be easier with a mouse and keyboard. Some games just naturally work better with the little joysticks but when aiming a gun using those sticks becomes an exercise in back and forth twitching of the joystick a mouse is easier.

I have now found a replacement for my FragFX V2 which does not work as well as the Eagle Eye Converter for the PlayStation 3 and first person shooters. Penguin United is really working hard to update and get the 64 bit computers to work with their product and have come out with both firmware and software updates to the Eagle Eye recently.

They are also working directly with users on their forums if you do have problems which is another great aspect I look for in a company, direct hands on interaction with users. Penguin United has got a real winner on their hands with the Eagle Eye Converter for the PlayStation 3 and they continue to improve and tweak the product to make it even better.

I highly recommend the Eagle Eye Converter for a fantastic PlayStation 3 mouse and keyboard connection device to make gaming that much better.

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