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TekNmotion Tablet Mate Aluminum Device Stand

Tablet Mate @ CompuExpert (Grey)

Tablet Mate @ CompuExpert (Green)

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The TekNmotion Table Mate is a great adjustable stand made from durable lightweight aluminum for those smartphones, tablets and other devices you need to keep propped and handy.

Ease of Use, Performance:  5/5
Look & Feel:  5/5
Features  5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Recommendation: 5/5 Stars

TekNmotion Tablet Mate

The Tablet Mate from TekNmotion is a tablet, smartphone and smaller laptop stand that uses an adjustable leg for a fully adjustable stand including protective silicone rubber. The Tablet Mate is available from CompuExpert which sells the TekNmotion brand and other sites for about $30 which is an average price for these types of stands.

I have used the Tablet Mate as a tablet stand, smartphone stand and even a photo frame stand at a craft sale and the adjustable and foldable leg makes for easy storage in a laptop bag. The Tablet Mate from TekNmotion makes a great stand for the desk or anywhere you need to prop up your devices with a fully adjustable stand that goes from about 15 degrees to 70 degrees.

Tablet Mate

The Tablet Mate is made from an eighth inch thick brushed aluminum that will withstand a lot of abuse and the leg is about a half inch in diameter with a 3/16 inch bolt as its pivot. The stand is curved and has a silicone pad on the top, along the bottom cradle and on the feet of the leg which are adjustable by rotating.

The stand works well with its thumb screw main attachment point in the slot for various positioning along with the adjustable leg for adjustments from 15 degrees up to 70 degrees. The stand is about 4 inches wide and 5.5 inches tall with the leg being about 4 inches long and the pivot bolt being 3/4’s of an inch from the attachment point on the stand.

PlayBook on Tablet Mate

The leg has a “T” base with two rotating feet for the best non wobbly stand I have seen with many adjustments just so you can get the tablet, smartphone or even smaller PC at the correct angle. I have used the Tablet Mate with several regular devices like my smartphone and tablets but I have also used it as a stand for a photo frame, a digital photo frame and a Google Chrome notebook.

The Tablet Mate works well for devices up to about a foot wide but you would not want to do a lot of typing on a laptop while on the stand unless you use a wireless keyboard. The stand easily held up a digital photo frame that is eight inches wide and my chrome notebook but the notebook is a bit heavy for the stand and required a little tightening on the swivel screw.

Tablet Mate w/ Handheld Gamer

The Tablet Mate has the silicone pads which are available in grey and green with the three bottom pads glued to the stand while the top is removable if you want or need to take it off. The silicone pads make for a nice non slip surface and for protection of your devices so no scratching occurs and the silicone on the feet are pointed so you can rotate the feet for reducing wobble.

The Tablet Mate costs about $30 and is available from CompuExpert, Amazon and other online sites as well as local stores like Wal-Mart and Sears. The TekNmotion Tablet Mate is a great and highly durable tablet stand that is functional, plainly good looking and a great addition to anyone’s gadget bag that I highly recommend.

Tablet Mate w/ Chrome Book

Tablet Mate @ CompuExpert (Grey)

Tablet Mate @ CompuExpert (Green)

Tablet Mate @ Amazon