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TekNmotion Airhead BT Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Airhead BT @ TekNmotion

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The Airhead BT from TekNmotion is Bluetooth connected for cord free and convenient use with built in microphone for use with computers, tablets and smartphones that works well and is a great priced stereo headset.

Ease of Use, Performance:  4/5
Look & Feel:  4/5
Features  4/5
How much I enjoy 4/5

Recommendation:  4/5 Stars

TekNmotion Airhead BT Bluetooth Stereo Headset

TekNmotion brings a new headset that connects to your computer, tablet or even smartphone using Bluetooth so you have cord free connectivity for the headset along with Lithium-ion batteries for longevity. The Airhead BT is a great headset with a built in microphone that does not protrude at all from the headset but works well for use with a smartphone or computer.

The Airhead BT comes with the headset itself, a simple user’s manual and a USB charging cable that connects on the left earpiece that is under a small rubber cover. The Lithium-ion internal battery allows for the fastest charging and a longer lasting battery while the easy to connect Bluetooth means no hassles with pairing the headset among numerous devices.

The Airhead BT can pair quickly with numerous devices using the power button to pair that is on the right ear piece along with the volume up and down button, power indicator and the microphone. The microphone is a small hole on the lower side of the ear piece surrounded by a rubber grommet on the right side that works pretty well.

I checked out the microphone by talking through Skype on one computer while listening on another and it sounds pretty good over Skype. I also did a few phone calls between my wife and she said there were no problems with hearing me or using the microphone herself so it does work with a smartphone easily.

Whats in the Box

The Airhead BT does have comfortable faux leather and cloth covered ear pieces that work well for keeping the ear pieces on each ear but the ear pieces are not over the ear. This does mean they squish your ears to your head but they are comfortable even when using for extended periods of just listening to music or a movie or two.

The Airhead BT works well with my BlackBerry PlayBook and I have listened to both music and watched a couple of movies with them from the tablet which is where this headset does excel. Using the Airhead BT as a take along headset while out and about or on a trip is where this would be perfect in terms of portability with its folding hinges and quick pairing.

Both ear pieces fold on a hinge at the base of the headband to allow a slightly smaller size for easy storage and carrying along in a tablet case or laptop bag. The TekNmotion Airhead BT makes a great portable headset to take with for trips and traveling for both a headset and microphone with a smartphone or simple listening enjoyment that is great for stereo.

The left ear piece has the USB connection for charging along with a pause/play button and the skip forward backward controls for use with media players and does work for all the devices I tried it with. My PC, PlayBook and Samsung Galaxy smartphone easily connected and the smartphone worked well with the controls.

Left & Right Controls

The power button functions as both pairing button and to initiate answer and hang up a phone call when connected to a smart phone. Range is just fine with the headset easily receiving my music in a line of sight at thirty feet and it does well though walls but of course this will vary according to wall design and materials.

I have used the headset for a few hours straight watching a few movies on my computer and it does last long enough on a single charge to watch several movies in a row. I have had no problems using the headset for a full day’s work while listening to music and watching movies so I can easily believe the ten hours the company claims for battery life.

The headset worked well for all the use I put it through and even though it is the smaller sized ear pieces it is comfortable and more than good enough for extended use. I highly recommend the TekNmotion Airhead BT headset as a great compact headset that connects using Bluetooth.

The Airhead BT can be found at Amazon, the CompuExpert TekNmotion website and other sites for about $60 which for the quality is a great price.

Hinged for Convience

Airhead BT @ TekNmotion

Airhead BT @ Amazon