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Sharkoon DarkGlider Gaming Mouse

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The Sharkoon DarkGlider is a professional level gaming mouse with plenty of features to justify a higher price tag but this gaming grade mouse comes in at about $50 for a great price on an excellent mouse.

Ease of Use, Performance:  4/5
Look & Feel:  4/5
Features  4/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Recommendation:  4/5 Stars

Sharkoon DarkGlider Gaming Mouse

The DarkGlider is a gaming mouse at an affordable price from Sharkoon Technologies that has been bringing computer peripherals to the world since 2002 and is located in Germany. Sharkoon has been an increasingly popular company and one aspect of many of their products is a lower price which the DarkGlider surely falls into with its $50 price tag.

The DarkGlider comes with the mouse itself, a nice carry pouch, weights and spare slide pads in a small tin and a cd with drivers and manual along with the DarkGlider configuration program. The mouse can be installed with just common mouse drivers but the software for configuring your mouse and the numerous settings is one area that gaming mice have really excelled and the DarkGlider is no exception.

You can change basic settings like button using the software program as well as set the numerous levels of Dots Per Inch for in game changing of the cursor and movement speed on screen. The configuration software also allows you to change the mouse speed sensitivity and other settings like the Control Panel does for generic mice in Windows.

All the settings are saved directly on the mouse which allows a user to switch the mouse from one computer to another without having to worry about loading the configuration program. Of course if the new computer does not have the same programs or locations for the program executable the mouse will not work the same for the various profiles and programs that are currently saved.

Whats in the Box

The mouse has 7 buttons that you can change and configure along with the 4-way scroll wheel that both scrolls and has side buttons and the center button which is also fully configurable. All the mouse buttons can be changed to not only do another function like a keyboard key or open programs but you can program them to Macros for gaming which is a main feature for several types of games.

The DarkGlider comes with a couple extra sets of mouse slide pads with both Teflon and ceramic pads which is a new one for me and a nice change of pace for another step up in features. The Sharkoon DarkGlider did not have any installed so I went with the five ceramic slides but the small tin does have the Teflon slides if you want to use the more familiar ones.

I found the ceramic slides are much more responsive and a great upgrade from the Teflon ones and hopefully will be something that other companies start to use more often. The weights you can add to the bottom of the mouse are easy enough to install but do not add very much weight overall to the mouse so is not something that is much of a bonus.

The mouse does have the two side buttons along with a number of top buttons which can be reassigned but the default ones are pretty convenient for using the adjustable DPI and the favorites feature. The front side button is on an upward curve of the side so it is awkward to push on when you first use the mouse but it is actually a good way to configure it.

Bottom of DarkGlider & Weights

The pad of my thumb is square on the mouse’s side and to push the button I simply roll my thumb upward a bit to hit it which works well fopr surfing the web or for a button that you don’t need to use quickly. If you need a fast button push you need to use another button on the mouse but this works well for the forward button for web surfing.

You can set the mouse up to switch profiles using a button press but it does automatically switch when a program is opened that is set in your profile list. The use of profiles means you can easily assign buttons, set the DPI and other settings according to one program and switch between the various settings when you start a program but you can also switch back quickly using a button or two on the mouse if you need to.

The DarkGlider has a nice cloth covered mouse cable and the top LCD display showing your current DPI setting really rounds out the features but the mouse does have a great ergonomic fit to your hand. The DarkGlider has the now common rubber coated skin and feels great when gaming or just general web surfing and makes for a great gaming and everyday mouse.

I have really come to enjoy using gaming mice for my everyday work and highly recommend the Sharkoon DarkGlider as a fully featured mouse that only costs about $50 and is available at a lot of online sites.

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