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Nexus RX1.1K Gold @ Nexus
Nexus RX-1.1K Gold @




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The Nexus R1.1K Gold is an energy efficient power supply for the heart of a top of the line computer with a stable output that is also quiet due to the internal fan chosen to cool the PSU.

Ease of Use, Performance:  4/5

Look & Feel:  4/5

Features  4/5

How much I enjoy 4/5

Total:  4/5 Stars

Nexus RX-1.1K Gold

Opinions vary on what to call the power supply when referring to various body parts of a computer but the power supply is the main component that affects all the others in a system so having a good one is important. Having a power supply that is adequate in wattage is also very important as a computer uses power on a varying moment by moment basis so I personally consider the PSU the heart of a system.

Nexus makes power supplies for computers that are both powerful and certified under Ecos Consulting’s certification program for energy efficiency. Any power supplies that carry the 80 Plus certification lose less than 20 percent of its electrical energy as heat loss at 20%, 50% and 100% loads.

The Nexus RX-1.1K Gold power supply has a bit higher certification at the gold level with a low efficiency of 87 percent for any load. Nexus also guarantees that the power supply will perform at an energy efficiency of 88 percent for that added bit of confidence when it comes to power delivery at efficient costs for the user.

Whats in the Box

The Nexus RX-1.1K Gold is a great PSU for a gaming system and can easily handle dual graphics cards in a SLI or CrossFire configuration. The 1100 watt PSU can handle a gaming system but you should check a wattage calculator to ensure the PSU can work for your system needs.

The Nexus RX-1.1K Gold is a computer power supply that has sufficient wattage for a full gaming system with its 1100 watts but the power supply also has a great modular build. The main cables that are not modular are the common main computer connection, two PCI-E 6 plus 2 pin connection, an 8 pin connection and a 4 plus 4 pin connection with the last two for the computers motherboard.

The modular cables that also come with the power supply include four 6 plus 2 pin connections, 3 SATA drive connection cables and 3 three connection Molex cables with two having a floppy drive connection on them. The Nexus RX-1.1K Gold also comes with the handy case for the cables not currently installed, four screws for installation and a couple of cable ties with the Velcro strap that comes on the attached cables.

Whats in the Box

The Nexus 1100 watt PSU has an internal fan that is both quiet and efficient at keeping the internal parts cool but the fan is only one feature that the PSU uses to stand out in a crowd. A good power supply will have an active power factor correction that actively monitors your system demands and keeps supplying power to meet those demands.

A cheaper power supply uses a passive system that has less costly parts while an active one will use more parts that make up more cost for the power supply. Other features like over voltage and current protection along with short circuit protection that any good power supply would have is also here in the Nexus PSU.

While I do not have an oscilloscope or other fancier ways to test the Nexus power supply I do have a volt meter and PSU tester to check voltages both while in use and before installation. The Nexus PSU tested well within tolerances with  the five and 12 volt rails tested at exactly five and twelve volts and the 3.3 volt was only .01 volts from being perfect.

Cables & Connections

I know that these voltages are only a minor way to show the efficiency and manufacturing of the power supply but it goes along with other reviews I have seen that recommend this PSU. I have checked on the internet and only found one review that did not have glowing results for this PSU and I am not sure of the validity or the results from that too short review.

Many sites do not have a way to actually test a power supply other than to measure voltages using a multimeter and oscilloscope to see voltages and things like ripples of waves. Using an expensive test setup does give good results of what a power supply can do but many reviewers simply use the power supply but the sites like TweakTown have that type of equipment for more in depth tests.

Fan Side of Nexus PSU

I do check out the reviews and I did find the one site that did not like the testing results they received but I could not find any information on exactly how they test the PSU other than using an oscilloscope. Other reviews praise the Nexus RX-1.1K PSU for its stability and efficiency as well as quiet operation due to the very quiet fan.

I have a slew of case fans, more than most people and enough to start using them as fans for personal cooling and the Nexus fan in the RX-1.1K Gold is one of the quieter ones when I tried it outside the PSU. The fan is definitely quieter than most of the fans I have and when installed in a system it does make enough noise to add to the systems noise level but not enough to be heard above other fans.

While I do not have a way to thoroughly test the PSU I have had it in my system and did remove the cover to peek inside at the internal components. The Nexus RX-1.1K Gold is a great looking PSU and has all the circuits of a very good power supply and made from top of the line components with some very good looking aluminum heat sinks for the power transistors.

Inside the Nexus PSU

The Nexus 1100 watt PSU is Gold certified for energy efficiency and has a lot of other good reviews so I can also recommend this power supply as a top of the line source for your system. I highly recommend the Nexus RX1.1K Gold as an energy efficient power supply that is available from several internet outlets such as and

Nexus RX1.1K Gold @ Nexus

Nexus RX-1.1K Gold @