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Wacom Intuos5 Professional Pen Tablet

The Wacom Intuos5 tablet is a drawing tablet that both professionals and amateurs can use for computer drawing, image editing and animation which includes the new onscreen display and multi-touch gestures along with the pen input.

Ease of Use, Performance: 24/25
Look & Feel: 22/25
Features 23/25
How much I enjoy 24/25

Total: 93/100

Wacom Intuos5 Professional Pen Tablet

Wacom Intuos5 includes some great features and tis release also brings touch gestures along with the included pen as well as the ability to expand with other available devices. The Intuos5 is a drawing tablet that comes with a pen, pen stand with ten additional tips and a tip removal tool, a USB cable and software.

Two new features of the Intuos5 tablet series are ExpressKey settings including an onscreen display of these keys and multi-touch gestures for easier navigation and program use. The Wacom Intuos5 has 2048 levels of pen pressure for a huge variety and sensitivity for drawing that really adds to an artist’s abilities.

The Intuos5 comes in four sizes ranging from small to extra-large while I received the Medium tablet with an 8.8 by 5.5 inch working area and an overall 15 by 10 inch size. The Intuos5 Medium is about a half inch thick but slopes to a thinner edge around the outside for a more comfortable drawing tablet while using.

The tablet has a lot of features that includes the ample wrist wrest area above and below the working area and the side buttons with user-defined Touch Ring. The Intuos5 has a rubberized coating on the sides, top and bottom for comfortable use and the eight buttons along the side with four above and four below the touch ring are user defined.

Whats in the Box

The touch ring itself is also user defined so you can use the touch ring for various menu items or things like layers that works very well using a simple circular motion with a finger. The touch aspects of the tablet and the touch ring all work well with a finger and the included pen for easy to use and responsive gestures that drawing tablets are made for.

The touch gestures work well for things like resizing and working with pages and images in a wide number of programs such as Photoshop and AutoCAD. Programs like image editing and drawing programs integrate well but other programs also work well like Chief Architect’s Professional Home Design.

The Intous5 comes with ten extra tips for the pen for a wide variety of pen uses and precision with the variety of nibs for better use according to what you’re doing and personal preference. The nibs are easy to tell apart for each use and are easy to install and replace as well as coming in the handy pen holder base so you always know where they are.

The Intuos5 drawing tablet does gestures well but for more precise work like image editing, painting or CAD work the pen is a must for tablet use. The pen has the rocker button on the side and an eraser on the opposite end but the pen does not require batteries for use with the tablet.

Pen Tips & Holder

The tablet includes drivers and a software program for settings and gestures so you get a wide selection of user defined settings like the eight buttons and the along the side of the tablet. The buttons and scroll ring button are called the ExpressKeys and can be assigned to use along the left or right side and the buttons include different tactile indicators.

The top and bottom buttons are smooth with the next ones on top and bottom having a dash and then the next uses a single dot to tell without looking at the buttons which button your finger is on. The tough ring has a smooth ring on the outer half of the circle and a button in the middle to change one of four functions that the ring controls.

The touch ring can be assigned to four different functions such as auto-scroll/zoom, scroll, rotate or any key of the keyboard but has some special uses like changing brush sizeswhen using with integrated programs. The four choices you have are toggled using the center button but you can change each feature between the four using any macro or keystroke you want.

Like any of the buttons you can assign any keyboard button or macro feature which is two or more keystrokes to any of the buttons of the tablet. You can use the one of the buttons as a popup that appears when you press a button assigned as the radial menu for tablet settings or other user defined inputs as well.


The Intuos5 tablet has a lot of features and it is easy to see just on features why the tablet company is regarded as the top drawing tablet manufacturer but reputation is only the beginning. The drawing tablet works very well and is easy to use for basic to complex drawing and artistic work in a variety of programs including Adobe Creative Suite 5 and others.

The drawing tablet works well in a wide variety of programs or just for regular use in browsers and documents including things like using in conjunction with word processing. Gestures work well and allow an easy way to control things on screen but the buttons and fully configurable aspects of the tablet make for some great features.

If you use a tablet a lot of the time it is handy for the tablet to be useful at all times for things like browsing and using gestures for quick navigation and general computer use makes this a great one. The tablet uses gestures well but for the more precise drawing in programs the pen is essential and Wacom includes some good software along with the tablet.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, Smith Micro Anime Studio Debut 8 and Autodesk Sketchbook Express are all good software that comes with the tablet and you get a 90 day trial of Corel Painter 12.
The bundled software is installed through the Wacom website instead of coming on a disc but this is at least some extras that are worth checking out if you don’t already own them or better versions.

Wireless Connection & Battery Compartment

The Intuos5 tablet also has a wireless adapter set you can purchase separately that attaches to the bottom of the tablet and allows wireless use of the tablet. The wireless kit has an adapter and a battery that fits into the bottom of the tablet as well as the wireless receiver dongle that attaches to your computer using a USB connection.

The Intuos5 is a great tablet and integrates almost automatically to a lot of programs and works extremely well with gestures and the pen along with the variety of tips. It is easy to see why Wacom is the leader in drawing tablets and the Intuos5 is a fantastic and easy to use tablet that offers all the features professional demand.

I highly recommend the Intuos5 drawing tablet for use in artistic and professional programs like AutoCAD and Photoshop as well as handy features for many computer programs.

Wacom Intuos5 Website