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TekNmotion Yapster Blaster Amplified Universal Headset

The TekNmotion Yapster Blaster is a universal headset that includes a USB powered amplifier for better sound from this inexpensive but quality sounding headset.

Ease of Use, Performance: 24/25
Look & Feel: 21/25
Features 23/25
How much I enjoy 23/25

Total: 91/100

Yapster Blaster Headset

I have received a wide range of headsets and ear buds for reviewing from the cheap that comes included with other products like handheld gaming cases to expensive headsets that cost $400. Quality of both the headsets themselves and the sound they produce also range from good enough till you can afford more to the total immersion into the music that some can deliver.

The quality of music almost never relates to the cost of the headset, I have reviewed headsets that were alright but when the headset costs over a hundred quality really needs to excel. You also get occasional surprises when you get some products where the quality is not in conjunction with the price going both ways.

The TekNmotion Yapster headset is one of those cases not where the headset costs so much that quality needs to be high but the cost is so low with such high quality that you count yourself lucky on your purchase. I am truly surprised at how good this headset alone sounded without the amplifier for all kinds of audio entertainment I could throw at them.  

The Yapster Blaster is a regular 3.5mm connected headset with microphone that also includes the Blaster amplifier that is powered by the USB connection. The Blaster part of the set includes a 2.5mm adapter to connect the microphone cable to your Xbox controller so you can use the set with your Xbox 360.

Whats in the Box

The Yapster Blaster comes with two distinct parts of a set, the Yapster headset and the Blaster amplifier which is made by XjacKer. The amplifier does not just make things louder but improves quality and raises the lower volumes for parts of sound like mids and lows.

Many have noticed that the Xbox 360 does not have the audio output quality that other consoles do and the XjacKer amplifier is one way to increase the quality and make some sounds more noticeable. The amplifier is not always required but when using the Xbox 360 it helps a lot in getting a better sound whether it’s gaming or just listening to music.

The Blaster amplifier along with the cables and adapters allows you to get better sound and voice for your Xbox 360 along with the headset for other consoles and the PC. The microphone works very well and swings upward to store it out of your way when you don’t want to use it.

The Yapster headset is truly nothing short of amazing, not only fantastic sound at medium to high levels but great lows and mids as well as very good surround sound through a surround sound device. The Yapster headset has two full-range 40mm Neodymium drivers that deliver sound to your ears so surround sound can only be virtual but it sounds great.

Blaster Amplifier

Virtual surround sound creates the illusion, is there such a thing as illusion for sound?, by delaying parts of the sound depending on the speaker the sound is supposed to be delivered to. Rear sound has a slight delay more than your front speakers to make that part of the sound file sound like it is coming from behind you.

This illusion of surround sound works well when using a good device and I do have a device from SIIG that does this for up to 7.1 surround sound or eight speakers. The Yapster headset does do up to 7.1 surround sound but even with speakers sometimes that many channels are hard to detect.

I did play several clips of surround sound test files from Dolby and others to check that the surround sound worked as well as listened to a few movies and lots of music. The Yapster headset plays surround sound, Dolby sound, stereo music and movies very well, much better than I expected from a $30 headset.

The Yapster does not produce the virtual sound, that has to be done by some other device like my SIIG USB SoundWave Digital Sound Device. These types of devices take sound form the USB connection and adjust or delay parts of the sound to simulate surround sound for both speakers and headsets.

Inside the Earpiece

The Yapster Blaster does have the microphone which worked well for gaming voice and Voip over my computer which I tested using Skype and calling myself. I also listened to my on voice while gaming by signing in with two computers and using voice from one to the other.

While these are not conventional test methods for microphones they do work for me and I can clearly hear my voice well enough over games and for calls that the microphone works well for voice as well as listening. There are some smaller problems with the set including the noise that the amplifier does introduce on higher volumes but I only found this when using it on a PC where I really did not need the amplifier.

Using my Xbox 360 the headset worked well and I had no problems hearing voice over that as well as using the amplifier until I could no longer get a disc to work in my Xbox 360. It died so testing with the Xbox had to be cut short but the headset worked well for all my testing on a now defunct Xbox 360, a PlayStation 3 and my PC.

I also checked out the headset on a Sansa View MP3 player and a NextBook Next5 tablet and did not have any problems, just clean, clear and crisp sound from all my devices. The Yapster Blaster is a great sounding headset and at the low cost of $30 for a headset that works with all your consoles and devices you can’t get any better.

Yapster Control & Connections

I highly recommend the Yapster Blaster for a great sounding inexpensive headset that works well, is comfortable and priced just right for anyone.

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