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TekNmotion Airhead 1000 Wireless Headset

The TekNmotion Airhead 1000 is a user friendly wireless headset that works well for cable free music and gaming on your computer or laptop that includes plenty of extra cables for a variety of situations.

Ease of Use, Performance: 21/25
Look & Feel: 19/25
Features 20/25
How much I enjoy 20/25

Total: 80/100

TekNmotion Airhead 1000 Wireless Headset

The TekNmotion Airhead 1000 is a wireless headset for gaming and general media use on your computer or laptop that includes the wireless dongle, a carry bag and extra cables. The Airhead 1000 is a nice wireless headset for gaming and general multimedia use that includes a stereo extension cable, a 3.5mm stereo to RCA plugs and the necessary USB power cable for charging.

The Airhead 1000 has the USB cable for charging the Lithium-ion batteries which can take a while if you have let it drain down, five hours maximum according to the manual. The headset is a smaller sized one that works great for traveling and use with a laptop and the carry case makes it handy to keep all the parts together.

The Airhead 1000 uses the RF frequency to connect the headset with your computer and the range is typical for the type of wireless use at 10 meters maximum. I can easily hear music and gaming in the same room but when I get a couple of rooms away the sound gets interrupted from my plaster and lathe walls.

Whats in the Box

I can hear the headset from various parts of my home and the thirty feet of distance I would say is about right for clear line of sight like between my home and garage. Reception is not a problem and the dongle does work well with the wireless headset over a good range even in a rear USB connection.

The Airhead 1000 is comfortable with its faux leather cushions and round ear pieces that does not cover over the ears but rests on them. The microphone is a short one but requires no extending so it is always ready to use and works well for Skype and gaming voice as well as general computer chat.

The headset uses two 40mm drivers for stereo sound clarity depending on the source, a good sound card or motherboard can get really good stereo sound from these headsets. I have tried them out on various computers and all gave really excellent sound for both gaming and regular use like movies and music.

Airhead 1000 & Dongle

The headset has an on off button on the left side as well as the power connection and stereo output while the right headpiece has the media controls and pairing button. The right side has four buttons under the black rubberized round plate so when you push against the side plate you control various multimedia functions.

The top is play/pause, the bottom is stop and the two sides raise and lower the volume so you have some good functions without having to minimize or change your video or gaming. The stereo output allows you to connect the headset to another headset or speaker for dual use of both the headset and another headset or speaker at the same time.

The Airhead 1000 uses lithium-ion batteries for the best battery life and takes a maximum of five hours to charge but lasts for ten to twelve hours of continuous play. The included USB power cable means you can charge the headset with any USB port or one of those USB power connections that plug into a wall socket.

Buttons & Connections

The Airhead 1000 sounds really good but it is only a stereo headset, quality for stereo is excellent and well worth the cost of this headset. The Airhead 1000 does cost about $120 from various internet websites but for a wireless headset the price is about average for this type of quality.

The TekNmotion Airhead 1000 is a really nice wireless headset that works great for gaming, music or movies with the added multimedia buttons for constant gaming or entertainment. I highly recommend the Airhead 1000 by TekNmotion wireless headset for all your wireless gaming and multimedia needs whether at home or on the go.

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