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Razer Imperator 2012 Edition

Razer has released yet another new edition of one of their popular gaming mice with updates to the sensor system including both an optical and laser sensor to enhance performance.

Ease of Use, Performance: 23/25
Look & Feel: 23/25
Features 25/25
How much I enjoy 23/25

Total: 94/100

Razer Imperator 2012 Edition

Okay, just how much can you improve a mouse, how about adding both an optical sensor and a laser sensor to enhance the ability to track movement? Razer is continuing to improve and respond to a market that is always changing by adding an additional sensor to mice to give the best performance possible.

Razer has already proven they can make a comfortable mouse that uses a rubber coating to bring grip and performance when using in intense gaming or general computer use but internals are also a major concern. Optical and laser sensors have their limits as well as their benefits so Razer has included both types of tracking sensors for the Razer Imperator 2012 Edition.

The 4G part of the mouse equation is the fourth generation of the sensor system so this is not a new mouse or new technology, just more of what works. I really do not get into changing all the settings and taking things to the limit, I usually test and use a mouse with default settings and tweak things if they seem off or don’t work as well as I expect. Whats in the Box

The Razer Imperator 2012 edition is no different for me than many of the other Razer mice I have reviewed, that is to say it is fantastic. Few times have I had complaints about Razer products and this is one of those off the shelf mice that performs fantastically.

The Razer Imperator comes with the mouse itself and some documentation like a certificate of authenticity and guides but the mouse drivers that make many Razer products unique are available for download from the Razer site. The software drivers have a settings page for buttons and the scroll wheel, the sensitivity settings, profiles and the lighting.

The Imperator 2012 has the two main finger buttons, two sliding side buttons, the two buttons behind the scroll wheel and the scroll wheel click button. The bottom of the mouse has the slide switch that moves the side buttons forward or back for the best position for the user.

Bottom of Imperator 2012

The cord for the USB connection has the usual braided covering and is almost seven feet long with gold plated contacts for the connector. Razer software allows you to save profiles on the mouse itself in profiles for specific games or programs that includes button settings.

You can change what button clicks do or the scroll wheel does on your system as well as change the sensitivity for specific programs or games. Each profile for specific programs can have its own button settings and allows for automatic switching when that program or game starts.

This comes in very handy for games where one game uses different settings like first person shooters and role playing so you can have the sensitivities and clicks perform the best for each game. Sensitivities like how fast the cursor moves in relation to mouse movement is adjustable and you have the usual lighting on/off ability that Razer also offers.

Right Side of Imperator

The sensitivity and adjustments are a quick and easy way to make the mouse perform the way you want with a quick setting using the two top buttons if you like. I find the default settings of the top buttons behind the scroll wheel to adjust the sensitivity just right for a quick change when you need it in gaming.

The Razer Imperator has not changed all that much on the outside; inside they increased the dots per inch from 5600 to 6400 as well as added the second sensor for better precision. The higher range may not make much of a difference in general computer use but you can tell the difference in gaming with the quicker cursor movement.

For general computer use I prefer about 2000 DPI but many times in games the faster speed has saved my bacon when trying to turn my onscreen character around to deliver a lifesaving shot at an antagonist behind me. The other mouse features of smooth and consistent cursor movement, great software flexibility and the tradition Razer quality are still here in the newest release of the Imperator.

Sliding Side Buttons

I have been reviewing Razer products for years now and am confident that Razer is one of the very top manufacturers of mice with quality as a number one concern. New releases may not be packed with new features but they do concentrate on what works and keeping quality consistent is one thing I have noticed with Razer products.

The Razer Imperator 2012 edition has the better sensor feature along with a wider range for sensitivity to give you a better choice in your gaming mouse. I highly recommend the Razer Imperator 2012 Edition if you’re looking for a gaming mouse that has all the features that make Razer products the choice for gamers.

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