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ROCCAT Taito Shiny Black Gaming Mousepad

The ROCCAT Taito King Size is a fantastic cloth and foam rubber mousepad that makes a great everyday and gaming pad that covers a good portion of your desk or table so your mouse doesn’t fall off the edge.

Ease of Use, Performance: 4.5/5
Look & Feel:  5/5
Features  4/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total:  5/5 Stars

Roccat Taito Shiny Black Gaming Mousepad

The ROCCAT Taito is a foam rubber and cloth mousepad that works exceptionally well for gaming and general computer use on a daily basis that comes in varying sizes and thicknesses. The Taito Shiny Black Mousepad comes in small, medium and large sizes that ROCCAT calls Mini, Mid and King but the Taito also comes in 3 and 5 millimeter thicknesses.

The ROCCAT Taito King Size comes in a clear plastic container with the Taito rolled to keep it from creasing and getting ruined before arriving at your doorstep but it does roll out flat when you unpack it. The Taito I received is the largest king size that is 3 millimeters thick but the Taito mousepad also come in a 5 mm thickness for more cushioning.

The Taito king size is 455 by 370 mm or about 18 by 14.5 inches for a really good sized mousepad that will cover a good section of your desk or table for plenty of mousing surface. The Taito King Size makes a great gaming mouse pad or for use in programs like image editing where you need to move your mouse a lot with precise control for the best cursor movement.

ROCCAT Taito Package

When using a mousepad I not only try it out with my favorite games but I use it for image editing, word processing and website updating which is pretty much all my computer work. A good mouse pad will give an even and consistent movement to the cursor on screen for any program you are currently using and the tight weave and heat treated cloth makes for a great smooth cursor movement.

The ROCCAT Taito is made with a heat treated nano pattern instead of a simple cloth meaning a smoother pattern for both directions of the weave. Cloth when it is woven has a pattern more in one direction than the other and even with a tighter weave the cloth can be uneven in one direction from the aspect of an optical sensor. A tighter weave makes for a better mousing surface but heat treating the cloth can smooth out the cloth even more for a smoother surface for your optical sensor to read on.

Once you look beyond the cloth part of the mousepad you also have a thin foam rubber layer that is glued to the cloth and gives a cushioned pad for you hand as well as a good firm grip on the table or desk the mousepad is on. The foam rubber surface comes in two thicknesses for more comfort or a lower surface for your mouse use which holds well to even smooth tables with a laminate surface.

Upclose Look

The Taito King Size makes a great mousepad for gaming and the cursor movement across the screen is very smooth and consistent even with a cheaper mouse. The gaming mice like the Razer Naga 2012 edition works extremely well on this smooth surface and the ROCCAT company has tested the mousepad with a wide variety of mice.

ROCCAT not only tests their mousepads with their own gaming mice like the Kone + but they test other companies mice to ensure their mousepads work well for a wide variety of mice. Logitech, Razer, Microsoft and SteelSeries are all tested to make sure the ROCCAT mousepad works well for a wide variety of gaming mice.

The ROCCAT Taito makes a fantastic mousepad and works very well for general computer use and excels at those intense moments of gaming as well. The Taito King Size is a great size and even after a little over a month of use I see no wear or abrasion of the mousepad but with these cloth and foam rubber mousepads you will see some peeling and edge wear eventually.

Taito in Use

I have a couple of mousepads from other companies that have done well after a year or more of use and I will return with an update if the mousepad shows excess wear or holds together well after time. For now the ROCCAT Taito has replaced a Razer cloth and foam rubber mousepad for my daily mouse surface that is comfortable and extremely smooth for gaming and everyday computer use.

I highly recommend the ROCCAT Taito King Size for a great mousepad that costs about $20 and is available at ROCCAT’s website along with other sites like Amazon, Newegg and Tigerdirect.

ROCCAT Website