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Nexus SM-9000B Silent Laser Mouse

The Nexus Silent Laser Mouse makes use of silent buttons for both the regular finger buttons and the mouse scroll wheel to deliver a truly silent mouse in a notebook size for comfortable convenience.
Ease of Use, Performance:  5/5
Look & Feel:  3/5
Features  4/5
How much I enjoy 4/5
Total:  4/5 Stars

Nexus SM-9000B

Nexus has hit a home run with their line of silent mice and the Nexus SM-9000 Silent Laser Mouse delivers in the notebook sized mouse that is truly silent even with the scroll wheel. Nexus has worked in the computer cooling and noise reduction for computers with products like PC cases and power supplies and they now bring their expertise into the peripheral arena.

The Nexus SM-9000 mouse comes in a black, SM-9000B, model and a carbon, SM-9000C but this is only the outer packaging with both having the fully silent buttons. The Nexus SM-9000 is four inches long by 2.25 inches wide and about an inch tall so it does make it more of a portable mouse instead of a full time desktop mouse unless you prefer smaller mice.

The Nexus wireless SM-9000 comes with the mouse, two AAA batteries, a wireless dongle and a small instruction manual in a nice simple package. The Nexus SM-9000 uses a Nano receiver to connect to your computer but this really excels as a quiet companion to a laptop, netbook or even Chrome book.

Whats in the Box

The Nexus Silent Laser Mouse is the perfect size for taking along in a laptop carry case with its definite laptop size but the Nano receiver does not to be removed when packing things up. The receiver is small and just has enough out of the USB connection to grab onto it with finger nails or the tips of your fingers to remove it if you need to.

The Nexus SM-9000 has rubberized sides and smooth gloss plastic top with the two finger buttons and a scroll wheel with middle mouse button for a simple design. The bottom of the mouse has four round Teflon feet for smooth operation on a variety of surfaces that work well in conjunction with the 1600 DPI laser.

The optical laser adds a lot of smooth operation and quick response in cursor movement for both general use and gaming like first person shooters and role playing games. The smooth operation of the 1600 dots per inch laser means responsive movement for any use you put the mouse through using your common drivers.

Side of SM-9000B

The SM-9000 is a Plug and Play device without any drivers required other than the ones your PC installs when you plug the mouse in to a USB connection. I had no problems using the mouse on a Windows desktop and laptop as well as a Chrome notebook that I often use around the house for cooking and couch surfing.

The SM-9000 has an automatic energy saving feature that puts the mouse to sleep if inactive for 8 seconds without any clicks or use of the mouse to save on batteries. The mouse will also go into this mode if the receiver loses power when the PC it is connected to shuts down.

The nano receiver can stay in your PC as it is short but it does come out and can be stored in the bottom by battery compartment in a slot designed just for storage. The receiver has a 6 to 10 meter or 20 to 32 foot range which is about average for these types of receivers and devices and it does work at that range just fine.

Bottom of Nexus SM-9000B

I found this to be about the range that I got from using the mouse but after about 20 feet this becomes pretty redundant unless you’re watching your computer on a projector or large monitor. The website for Nexus talks of using the mouse in a studio like a recording session but I could also easily see using this in a class or meeting where you don’t need the constant annoying clicks of your mouse coming over a sound system.

The SM-9000 worked very well for me both as a laptop mouse and for general use in testing on my main PC while surfing the net, writing reviews and gaming. I had no problems with the silent laser mouse and truly enjoyed using it for the wide variety of testing I put it through but it did not work as a main mouse for gaming for me.

My wife has also enjoyed using the SM-9000 and it has become her newest mouse for laptop use that travels with her to all her busy computer uses from surfing the internet to emails and casual gaming. I highly recommend the Nexus SM-9000 Silent Laser Mouse for a smaller mouse that is truly silent and easy to use, the SM-9000 can be purchased at and other sites for about $40.

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