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The full sized SM-8000B from Nexus is a silent optical mouse that quietly makes an impact on your gaming or computer use with its five silent buttons and smooth operation.
Ease of Use, Performance: 5/5
Look & Feel:  3/5
Features 4 /5
How much I enjoy 4.5/5
Total:  4.5/5 Stars

Nexus SM-8000B 5 Button Silent Optical Mouse

Heading into the full sized mouse category the Nexus SM-8000B is a full sized mouse that quietly makes its presence known by not making any noise at all from clicks or scrolling. The Nexus Silent Optical Mouse model SM-8000 comes in black only, hence the SM-8000B model number and uses patented silent switches for quiet operation.

The mouse is a full sized ergonomic design with a 3 inch wide by 4.5 inch long base and a one and a half inch height with the mouse contoured to fit a right handed person. This contour is what really makes this mouse stand out from other Nexus mice so that it is comfortable and very user friendly for prolonged periods of use.

The Nexus SM-8000B comes with the mouse itself, a Nano receiver, 2 AAA batteries and a small instruction manual in a simple package that does not require any additional drivers. The mouse is contoured with most of the surface having a rubberized coating except for a gloss plastic stripe that runs from the back and around the finger buttons.

Whats in the Box

The Nexus SM-8000B is silent from the two finger buttons and the two side buttons to the scroll wheel as well as the scroll wheel button for quiet operation. The scroll wheel makes no sound when scrolling but it does have bumps so you do feel that you are scrolling even if there is no indication on your computer.

The mouse connects to your computer using the RF radio frequency Nano receiver that is small enough to not require removal from a laptop when storing it in a laptop bag. The Nano receiver only requires finger tips or nails to remove and plugs into a USB connection to connect to your PC using the drivers the operating system installs.

The Nexus mouse and receiver has a range of about twenty to thirty feet but this will be dependent on your situation like if you put walls or the body of a computer in the way. I found I could operate the mouse easily to control my office computer from my living room, the next room over but through a plaster and lathe wall.

SM-8000B Side Buttons

The mouse is Plug and Play so it uses common mouse drivers but you can also use third party drivers to reconfigure the mouse buttons if you do not like the standard forward and back the side buttons usually are assigned to by default. Looking at the Windows 7 drivers my computer installed you can configure the cursor, scroll wheel clicks and a few other options but you cannot change the side button settings.

Using third party software like X-Mouse Button Control allows you to reassign buttons on your mouse from the forward back default to things like Copy and Paste which comes in handy for many situations. The program has a long list of options in alphabetical order to choose from along with application specific settings for a wide range of additional features to a simple yet great mouse.

The Nexus Silent Optical Mouse in conjunction with software like X-Mouse really brings out the features and versatility that a silent mouse accompanied by great software can bring to your computer. The Nexus SM-8000B had no problems using the third party software to customize use of the mouse in games, in web surfing and specific programs like Word and Dreamweaver.

Bottom of Nexus SM-8000B

The Nexus Mouse slides easily across a variety of surfaces but this is the only place that I did get some noise from the mouse due to the surface I used. On a cloth covered mouse pad the mouse is whisper quiet but when using aluminum, plastic or rubber pads this did introduce a more noticeable amount of noise.

The Nexus SM-8000B was whisper quiet on my preferred cloth mouse pad and worked extremely well in both regular computer use and for gaming. In gaming the use of the two side buttons adds to the ability to work toward dominating your opponents and many games do allow you to customize buttons on your mouse in-game.

I try my best and most of the time in gaming I do pretty well but a good responsive mouse can make a world of difference in winning or losing at your favorite game. A fast and smooth mouse like the SM-8000B really helps make a game enjoyable and with the silent operation of both the buttons and scroll you have no extra noise to distract you.

X-Mouse Program

Nexus describes using the silent mice they sell in recording studios for both music and television which I can easily see would be a real benefit but I could also see this being helpful in a business or learning environment. A silent mouse would not detract from a lecture or presentation while you use the mouse to move around a projected desktop or in front of a group.

The silent operation of the buttons really lends a better working environment when you want to hear music or watch a movie without the audible notification that you are clicking or scrolling. The Nexus SM-8000B Silent Optical Mouse really does make a great desktop mouse for wire free and silent use for general computer use, gaming and work related tasks.

I highly recommend the Nexus SM-8000B as an excellent silent full sized optical mouse that costs about $35 at and other sites.

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