Warpia StreamHD

While I could get the streaming video and audio working I had problems with stuttering and getting the high definition video to play without frame rate loss so the Warpia StreamHD may not be the best product for streaming high def video.

Ease of Use, Performance: 16/25
Look & Feel: 16/25
Features 16/25
How much I enjoy 16/25

Total: 64/100

Warpia StreamHD

I tried, I wanted it to work but in the end no amount of tweaking or adjustments both on my computer or the program could get things streaming well enough for my recommendation. I received the Warpia StreamHD and tried it on several different systems just trying to stream video and audio from a computer, both laptop and desktop systems.

Lower definition video or the plain desktop with internet searching or general computer work looks and sounds just fine, I had no problems setting up the StreamHD. The system streams video not as far as the 30 feet in room range Warpia touts and going through any walls is almost impossible but the streaming does work.

StreamHD is a USB device that streams video and audio from your computer, laptop or desktop, to a television or monitor, you can connect the television using the HDMI connection. The heart of the system is an AV base unit that has the USB for the wireless adapter, an HDMI connection, optical audio and 3.5 MM stereo connection and the power connection.

StreamHD includes the USB adapter that plugs into the AV base unit, the USB adapter for your computer, power adapter with several countries plugs, HDMI cable, optical audio cable, quick start guide and CD with drivers and manual. Installing the unit on your computer is actually simple, pop the CD into your desktop or laptop and run the install program which will guide you through the rest of the setup.

Whats in the Box

The AV base unit can be set up before you insert the PC adapter and you connect the HDMI to your television or monitor and connect your speaker system to the 3.5mm stereo or optical audio connection to the base unit. The wireless connection should find adapters and connect automatically and you have an icon on your taskbar for easy setting adjustment for the channels or connection.

Once the two main programs of wireless USB and DisplayLink for monitor handling is installed the program will have you insert the PC adapter into your computers USB connection. The red icon on your taskbar will turn green when the connection is made and clicking on the icon will open a settings page.

You can change the channel for better signal clarity and run a diagnostic program if you’re having problems through the Wireless USB program. The DisplayLink program manages the display properties like which monitor shows up where and the type of mirroring or extending the desktops.

I could not find any other settings or ways to make the connection better for streaming the high definition video signal. I had a good signal strength when trying to get the better video without any stuttering but I always had stuttering during playback of HD video.

Warpia StreamHD Base Connections

The audio was always very good with little to no stuttering or problems but video on anything above 720p was stuttering and would only get worse the longer it played. I could easily play video I uploaded to my site, YouTube video or just about any lower sized video but for larger screen sizes it did not work.

When you have video that is 1080 in screen resolution or video quality the video stutters and is slow in frame rates making it unwatchable as far as enjoyment. You can watch the video if you need to but it is not entertaining and kind of annoying to view for any length of time.

I had this problem on three different laptops that were all a mix of lower and higher specifications and two desktop systems that were definitely over the system requirements. While the lower specs of my laptops may be less than ideal for using with the StreamHD the desktops with 2.9 GHz and 3.0 GHz quad and tri core CPU’s and 8 and 4 GB of memory were more than good enough.

Wireless USB Settings Page

If the two desktops could not run the high definition video a laptop with slightly lower specs is only going to make matters worse for your high definition video. I also found other reviews and customer remarks with both good and not so good opinions of the StreamHD system.

Overall I think this system works for general viewing of video but not for high definition video, it may be fine for some things but for high definition video it did not work for me. There are other systems for streaming high definition video that are reviewed with better scores than this one but for general streaming of video this may be fine.

I would actually have a hard time recommending this streaming solution when there are others at or lower than the cost of the StreamHD from Warpia which costs about $150. Check out the Warpia website for more information about the Warpia StreamHD Model Number SWP120A.

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