High Speed PC Top Deck Tech Station

HighSpeed PC manufactures performance enthusiast computer parts including workstations for computers called the Tech Station and a wide line of other computer parts and products.

Ease of Use, Performance: 24/25
Look & Feel: 23/25
Features 24/25
How much I enjoy 24/25

Total: 95/100

High Speed PC Top Deck

HighSpeed PC manufactures a wide range of products including enthusiast computer parts, overclocking supplies and the line of HSPC Tech Station computer cases. The Tech Station comes in several variations for ease of access to your computer while you are working on it or for a unique case to display your system.

I work routinely on my computer and having the motherboard and other parts of the system open for easy access to the connections, components and motherboard controls is important. One thing I do routinely is reset the bios when working on some of the reviews and components so having quick and easy access to the motherboard is handy.

I also like the looks of the open computer case, the geek side of me is showing through here but I think it’s cool to be able to see the components and such at a glance. Instead of keeping my system cooped up in a box I can easily have access to the components as well as keep my system cooler and less dusty.

Whats in the Box

The HighSpeed PC Tech Station I received comes unassembled for $80 but you can also order them fully assembled for $100 except for installing your system. The Top Deck Tech Station installs the motherboard on top for easy access to the components and the motherboard itself for people who overclock their system or like me who need access often.

The Top Deck is comprised of two pieces of 1/2 inch thick plastic 14 inches by 9.5 inches with holes predrilled for the motherboard, corner posts and the hard drive rails. The rails are two plastic rails that mount under the top deck and hold hard drives for getting them out of the way.

Assembling is simple and the Top Deck makes repeated work on your system easier with all the hardware you need for mounting the motherboard, attaching the rails and adding the included fan to the side of your Top Deck. The Top Deck also comes with two switches for power and reset along with two indicators for power and hard drive activity monitoring.

Top Deck w/ Ground for Motherboard

The Top Deck also has rubber feet for the bottom that mounts on the screws for the corner posts that are square plastic with a center hole for mounting. The two top posts for mounting the add on cards on your motherboard so they don’t wobble back and forth use thumb screws to secure the video and other cards.

The whole assembly comes together easily with only a screw driver and for a few issues I had just a few extra parts were easy to get things set up for my needs. After initially setting the Top Deck up I did a few things a bit differently due to my system that was not part of the initial design but was easy to accomplish.

My dual video card setup required a little extra room on the side near the one top corner post so I used an Erector set part to add a small plate and get the corner post moved a half inch to the side. The plate simply screws to the lower corner post and then in another hole a half inch to the side for the top corner post.

Back of the Top Deck

This allows me to have the corner post a half inch to the side which gives me room for the dual card setup and the coolers I have on the video cards. Other additional modifications were adding an optical drive holder for my optical drives that is not available from HighSpeed PC.

You can buy some accessories from HighSpeed PC like extra mounting hardware, more hard drive rails for 3.5 and 2.5 inch hard drives, neoprene mats and more. The neoprene mats provide a cushioned surface on the bottom of the Top Deck for both the power supply and optical drives which is the standard method for setting up the lower deck.

I just wanted a more secure spot for my optical drives and used an old case optical drive section for mounting my drives and fan controller. The corner posts are made from plastic much like the two decks and can easily be used for mounting other hardware and accessories just like the side fan for cooling.

My Work System

The Top Deck does come with the 120mm fan with grill and some hardware to mount it where you want for additional cooling if the open design is not enough. I have it blowing air across my CPU cooler on top and across the rail mounted hard drive below but I did not use the included rails for the current configuration.

I simply used another hard drive mount to screw the hard drive to the bottom of the top piece of plastic to have the hard drive mounted much like the original configuration. The Top Deck design is great and allows for the most modifications for do it yourselfer geeks like me.

I really like the Top Deck case and workstation that gives me all the case I need and has plenty of options for my system and specific needs. I can also get a dust cover designed specifically for the Top Deck or other HighSpeed PC cases along with the rest of the accessories and parts available from HighSpeed PC if needed.

I highly recommend the HIghSpeed PC Top Deck and other enthusiast open cases for your particular systems needs as a unique and individual computer case that is easily modified.

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